Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders Did Hillary Clinton In With One Phrase She Wrote For Him

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The top 10 reasons Hillary Clinton lost.

1. Her campaign team was old and slow to respond to the internet media.
2. She fought a 21st century campaign with 1990 tactics.
3. 8 years of Obama.
4. She lost votes in every Democratic demographic.
5. She was not man enough.
6. She is not likeable.
7. She relied on cheating.
8. She was the ugly one in the race.
9. Hillary Clinton
10. Donald Trump

In every election there are always three factors which drive voters:

1. Do I like you better than the other person?
2. Who is prettier?
3. Will you save me?

In the three above questions, Donald Trump with the majority of voters, convinced them that they liked him better than Hillary, knew he was prettier than Hillary, and that Mr. Trump would save them from Obama, who Hillary Clinton was a bigger threat than Obama.

It is always the "feel good" factor. Americans will vote for a rapist like Bill Clinton over war heroes who are old. No one felt good with Hillary Clinton while Donald Trump made people feel good.

Mrs. Clinton's campaign team was dinosaur compared to Bill's team in the 1992.  They had no idea how to deal with the new media, in making the mistake of thinking that anyone can post things. The best talent in the media fight was all online, and all volunteer and all unpaid. What Bill's group ran circles around Bush and Dole, the same volunteers ran circles around the Clinton team.
Hillary Clinton had absolutely no loyalty from her people. Even Huma was there for the job description, and all of the young talent was miserable in being tied to her old campaign.

When your party is in power for 8 years, you either have to embrace the guy in the White House or trash him. Hillary chose to embrace, while Donald Trump trashed him, and that is what Americans in the majority wanted.

Hillary Clinton is the strangest enigma. She can charm rich old hags in one on one, but she has no appeal to crowds or to groups of Democrats. The more people see of Hillary Clinton the less they like her. In many ways she was like George HW Bush in people not liking him.
So Clinton lost numbers of abused Obama voters in every demo to Mr. Trump, as he appealed to them.

Hillary Clinton could never figure out if she wanted to be a lesbian, a man or a non sexual. She literally had her trump card taken off the table in the historic woman. Yes her zombie knew that was the charm, but Hillary Clinton never reached across to WOMEN in the right whom she needed.
No campaign can run on saying a man likes to grab snatch, because most women would like to have a rich guy grab their snatch. Hillary Clinton never connected with women, because she abused women. Women vote for one of the girls, not one of the madams abusing the girls.

Mrs. Clinton cheated. We know now that Bernie Sanders was a fall guy. She cheated in the Trump Debates. When cheating is your main stay, it never allows a candidate to establish themselves as a winner, and the public can always sense that.

There is a 15% margin in every race in people vote for pretty. When you are napping, old sick Hillary, you lose that huge vote which has no party lines.

Hillary lost because she is Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton was defeated because she was running against Donald Trump. It is something all of these pompous experts never figured out in their condescending smears, is that when they want to elect an asshole like them, the majority of Americans want the guy calling them all a bunch of assholes.

The warning signs in this  were not on election night in Virginia, Florida and Wisconsin. The warning sign was that Hillary Clinton looked weak to a 500 year old Bernie Sanders who had to defend Mrs. Clinton in the first debate in knocking down the email crime question.

Bernie Sanders did Hillary Clinton in with that line. It was not his intention and was scripted for him, in order to end Emailgate, but whenever you are a woman, and you have to have a man stand up and save you............the primates in the platoon all look around and say, "She is the weak one as she needed a guy to rescue her".

The end thought is then, Hillary Clinton can't save me, and I do not want her as President.

Bernie Sanders is the one who did Hillary Clinton in..........reading Hillary Clinton's scripted line for him. 

The archives show, I warned Mrs. Clinton to dump John Podesta, her bag man minder, and she never took the advice when she needed to, and now Podesta is the foul taste of Hillary Clinton every one is trying to get rid of.........except of course the Clinton rent a riot, which is doing President Donald Trump a world of good, as voters are fed up with this tantrum and will welcome a crack down across the boards.

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