Saturday, November 12, 2016

Removing the Squatter Vote

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a Lame Cherry Concentrate question. Or maybe two.

Do you want foreigners voting in your election and installing people who will represent them and not you?

The answer is no, because Donald Trump was elected.

Now ask yourself with all of the Clinton Obama vote fraud, if you think that Americans who do not think enough of America to pay taxes here and defend us, but live in luxury overseas, should be allowed to vote for liberals to ruin our lives?

The answer of course is NO.

In that, Americans have to protect themselves in this vulnerable time and there simply must be a reality that no one who is not a resident of these United States, should be voting in American elections.
If someone lives in Paris, they do not belong voting in America by absentee ballot affecting Americans.

The Lame Cherry wants more than this though. If someone is not living in America for 5 years, and is not part of the US military or diplomatic corp, their Citizenship should be revoked, and therefore can not vote in US elections.

In that, all of these bratty children attending university overseas, for cheaper education, in not supporting American schools, if they are not home during the summer, working a job here establishing residency........then no vote for them either.

Another matter, NO MORE DUAL CITIZENSHIP will be allowed to vote in any US Election. Divided loyalties make a nation fall. It is ridiculous that someone in the Israeli state who is living there, should be voting to affect American foreign policy, endangering America and Americans for another nation.

The Lame Cherry advocates that these mouthy Hollywood leftists who are always threatening to leave America if their dictator is not installed, that their Citizenship be revoked for this threat to America, and they be deported.

America has an immense problem with vote fraud, and these squatter voters who are wealthy are part of this problem in overthrowing the resident American's Government.

There simply is a requirement to remove around 5 million voters who are not in America, from not only the voting ranks, but the Citizenship ranks, as it is ridiculous to have these mini despots inflicting upon Americans, and worse yet, after they have screwed up America, the world they are living in luxury in will fall apart, and then they will flee back to America for refuge.

The Lame Cherry says to hell with them literally in no one who has not put something into America deserves to be an American. An American Citizenship and Vote MUST be maintained by nurturing the American Nation.

It is not only illegals, but these squatters who must be removed from the voting and citizenship ranks.

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