Friday, November 11, 2016

cats and water do not mix

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today Puntzee had her first bath. The reason of course is she had pasty butt in matted up hair and it sort of spoiled the look as no one was in favor of poo butt perms.

So we got the baby cream bucket, surgical gloves, and cat. Then things got interesting.

This is the first cat I have ever bathed. There was a great deal of cat sounds, cat claws up my arm, TL stated TL was traumatized, and I discovered that wet and cat do not go together.

She was shivering after the ordeal. I think it was trauma. As I type this a I have a cat gnawing up my arm and rolling around as the trauma has been replaced by retribution.
It was nice though for about 25 minutes in having a docile cat, sitting on my tummy, grooming herself. I guess everyone should have that experience for a few moments in the life of a blW2QWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Yes that was blitz krieg cat typing, as she pounced on the left hand and is now biting between both hands as I type and she lays on the keyboard.

I will say this, these cats have the silkiest hair in Turkish Angora. Certainly is shedding now, as I have a  poof ball of hair on the desk I pulled off, grooming her.

TL was saying these bobtails or Manx cats are so inbred that the kittens do not survive and need to be crossed. Crossed they are here, as this one reminds me of her old man in she never quits. It seems that milk causes a hyper reaction like an upper. The other night at midnight we had to play for half an hour as she stalked me, bent into a U shape, hair standing on end, circling me and then rushing in and pouncing.

At current situation we are now relaxing, which involves crawling across my knee to TL's chair to bite TL, turning around, and then crawling back and biting me. Cats really have the half on my leg and half on a chair arm down. I tell her to stay away from me and I do not want her, so she crawls up on my lap and lays.

I am the food mistress though, as we have decided that we must crawl up my leg when I eat, and sit there waiting for meat. Blowing air on her face keeps her off the table.

Puntzee sounds like leopard cubs in mewing. She has that down. Usually gets on her back and then mews like she is being killed, and then bites and kicks her legs. This cat far too female and intelligent, which is one and the same.

Loves to bite computer charging cords when she is not biting me.

Have to be so careful in she is like a ghost. I look down and she is not there, and slide to move my foot, and a cat has appeared. She is the geist in spirit cat.

Odd how a black cat is now turning silver. Then again her tummy is usually so full, that she rolls around when trying to lick herself like a ball.

She is a good kitty though. Basically house trained herself and now knows how to put herself to bed. Yes two days now she crawls on the recliner, then jumps her little self to the door of the wire kennel and sacks out about that quick.

I keep telling my puppy she needs to learn to fetch pheasants and grouse for me as she is my dog now.

Did I mention that I really do not like cats. I guess as Puntzee is our puppy I will love her.