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Hillary Clinton's Vaginal Flow

Sheriff David Clarke on Trump Protests: These are Anarchists, The Cop Haters

The day after Donald Trump's presidential-election victory, protests against the future president broke out nationwide. Milwaukee County Sheri…

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was speaking with the father of two daughters who voted for Hillary Clinton, both of whom are in college, and one of whom is going to go to school in England, as her "protest" to Donald Trump being elected by the American People.

I think the world of this father. He has busted his ass, his entire life for his family, and is  a few years from retirement and is currently lifting 50 pound bags as his occupation, all so his daughters can live off of his labor.

The thing is, one of these girls wrote a very moving and effective political apology, as there girls are pretty and intelligent, but the problem is her writing was written from the scope of a girl born Bill Clinton's administration, and she has absolutely no comprehension of life. She like all of these "screeching" little white girls being hired to protest the Trump victory by God, in yelling black lives matter, are a part of a social educational mind conditioning which something like this:

"Oh you missed so much 'historical' advancement in voting for Obama, but now is your chance to vote for Hillary Clinton as president as the first woman, over these evil old white men, who are racists, bigots and retards".
You know like their dad who has given all for them, and they do not comprehend that while they go to school in luxury he is using up his life force moving sacks around for his job.

There is far too much of this, and that includes on the right in this, as I read the Alt Right characters and enjoy their work, but each of them is stuck in that 1980's birth mode of thinking the world only existed at their birth. I read them writing of things as "their discovery" which are articles that reveal nothing, and only prove just how limited their understanding of all of this is.

It is like the vaginal flow of Hillary Clinton in these young rich girls thinking that choosing a leader is now a check list of "first woman", when there were 43 other men who achieved this and Obama had it handed to him, and no one found any of that historical, as what is an acheivement to these young girls is a responsibility to men.

The apology this bright girl wrote, was about the abuse of this 2016 election season which she had suffered. Of course she suffered this, because her dad has protected her his entire life, like a bulldog, as all men Donald Trump protects the women in his life.

I am going to take you to the Way Back Machine for a moment, for the young and for those now old who were children then, to remind all what the world was like before it was cruel as it is now.

In 1964 a Republican Conservative named Barry Goldwater was smeared by the democratic President Lyndon Johnson, along with the Kennedy press, to his humiliation and defeat. Those who joined in it were named Romney, Rockefeller and Bush. Yes the same as 2016 so nothing is new in what you just experienced, but in 1964 it was effective due to the guilt of John Kennedy's murder by the same people.

After this, Conservative ideals which founded America were ridiculed. The genius, Milton Friedman of economics was ridiculed for Obama economics which are Keynesian managed misery, which is what 2016 is. Every Conservative was in the wilderness in the 1960's and were smeared non stop, for the establishment GOP and the Kennedy liberals.
There was one man who kept the flame in Ronald Reagan, but no one in mainstream knew who this man was, because there was a black out concerning Ronald Reagan.

Around 1977, all there was in America, was moderate Republicans like Bob Dole and Gerald Ford. The world was one in which every night CBS Walter Cronkite who spoke as God to America, mocked those on the right, and so did the entire press, and promoted liberalism.

What you see now in right wing media, did not exist. All that existed was the drone of leftists who ruled America. Americans felt isolated and alone, and that was by design.

Richard Nixon who was set up in a coup, was the shame of the nation, and liberals bashed every Conservative to death with his political corpse. When Ronald Reagan achieved office by the American majority, he faced far worse than what Mr. Trump has endured. The first 18 months were nothing but, "Reagan is a damn cowboy, Reagan will blow up the world, Reagan will destroy the economy". See there is nothing new in what Donald Trump or his supporters are enduring.

So for the Alt Right who flexes it's presence on the field which now is, and the little girls who are upset that Hillary Clinton is not going to be anything but a convicted felon, none of you know what the past is, nor how brutal it was.

While all of you were in 2008 unaware of the real world, I will explain what 2008 was for me.

2008, I began covering the Lawrence Sinclair saga, in his being made a political prisoner by the Obama regime. I was tagged then and my Yahoo mail account was gone through, mail was not delivered, while other accounts had emails returned in being highlighted with "yellow" in pertinent parts just to send a message to me.
Others were tracked down, threatened, and Lawrence Sinclair was thrown into prison for exposing that Barack Hussein Obama was a bi sexual male.

When I began writing this blog in 2008, I had non stop complaints filed at Google in the Obama regime attempting to shut it down. I had constant alerts about things as my free speech did not matter. This has gone on from being hacked constantly, to regime surveillance, to most interesting electronic events that Homeland was wondering why I would think the government would be doing things like that, and then an interview with Homeland, all for just writing a blog in my Constitutional Rights.

I was smeared as a racist, a bigot, a whatever, and am still attacked, but while all of you were in hiding in not wanting to be called those things, but it was alright for the popular girl, I simply kept going and started off the beaches and went into the hedgerows as there was not any going back.
I remember when the first time the Obama regime was checked, and it all started to not be so scorched earth. It went to the Tea Party then of which I helped found, to the reality of the new Hutatree method from the regime in setting the Tea Party up to smear them, the same way Donald Trump was set up with paid Clinton trolls to smear him and his supporters. I remember all of this, because while I was not curling my hair, I was attempting to save a scrap of America.

In 2009, by God's Grace I predicted that Barack Hussein Obama would be the worst person in the White House in history. I had one word for his regime and it has turned out exactly to be that in the catastrophe for America it is. For years the Lame Cherry did what no one else would do, and what Donald Trump finally picked up an ran with to a victory by God.

I do not expect young women to understand any of this, because they were in the womb or still protected by their fathers when all of this was going on, when Obama went in and stole the Presidency and looted America.

There is no reason to rehearse all of the crimes of Obama and Clinton, because none of it matters to young girls who thought Hillary Clinton was something which would validate them from the helpless make up wearing, hair curling, little prisses they are, due to fathers who love their daughters far too much, instead of slapping them on their asses and telling them the way it is, and if  they do not like it, then they can make it the hard way in life with their paying the bills.

That is the vaginal flow of Hillary Clinton, a grand delusion of cheaters and schemers, who thought that they could get away with smearing people and that the other people would take it, because they were polite.
It reminds me of the father who wrote lecturing me about being profane in how he wanted me to clean things up so he could share it with his virginal daughters. Perhaps I should have wrote back and said, "As you are telling me how to run the blog, here is your advice for your prissy daughters. Lease them to a brothel, so they learn to suck cock as they ought to have some vocation to keep their marriages together".
Probably be amazing in how offended some people sticking their nose into my business would be. Offended because they are never offended that millions of rape cock is being imported to America to genocide America, because their high morals and fair fighting is what got us all into this abyss which we still have only a 1 in 10 chance of getting out.

I will repeat this so this soaks in. Given what America is facing, even with Donald Trump, America has 1 in 10 chances of surviving. It is the one chance we have, and God won the first step for us, but it is going to be the dirtiest blessed fight ever in the worst epic in history. All of your illusions about "morals" are your undoing, and for those morons who are lecturing already about "being better than this" and how we all have to get along......I say BULLSHIT.
Donald Trump has to get along in public, but there is only one mission and that is the Reagan mission of defeating our enemy completely, because they are going to scorch us with nuclear fire if they get near power again.
Victory does not bring in charity. It brings in establishing a law to crush the will out of your enemies legally, before they turn that law back into criminalizing you.

So the Hillary Clinton voters can whine and are whining in the streets. My compassion in this is not being like Muslims and Mexicans who would in victory been like Stalin mass raping all the German women and girls in 1945 as the Americans bought and sold German women for food. That is my compassion in their slutty cunts are not being bored out by cocks and then dumped in the rivers as it happens the world over. I intend to be civilized, but I am never handing the genocide back to my executioners, as I would not be writing this if that criminal Hillary Clinton had stolen this election, that little girls thought they had a right to, because they had vaginas.

A vagina in history was not a right, for the vagina was a choice by the father to offer it up to be raped by the mob for the family survival or to be bartered to a cock attached to a husband, for the benefit of the family, where that woman worshiped that cock as without it, she was destined to the first offering in being raped to death by the mob.

- Lame Cherry

In feudal history, which is what Obama drove America into in it's rule, Hillary Clinton would have gotten a busted nose for mouthing off to Bill Clinton, and would have been kicked if she dripped blood on his cock while sucking him off.......and every day she would serve her master as she should have.
So let us face that reality of the Obama feudal reality, as the fiction that these young women all are deluding themselves in, behind the vanishing wall of rape cock, that laws protect them as Hillary Clinton mouths off to men and cucks Bill Clinton, that this is not the way the rest of the world operates, and it was only America and Christianity who took Anglo Saxon virtue and made existance into life, and it was Hillary Clinton who in ignorance though it was a license to abuse others without consequences.

So do not whine too long in this era of life and death for America, little women of the Clinton vaginal flow, because your illusions and delusions almost got all of us slaughtered. You will find all of those lesbians you are fucking and those girly boys you are bossing around in marriage, are not a match for the war which is coming, as they will run away or barter you off to some raping military unit or some rape mob to save themselves. Just the way Hillary Clinton bartered off Muslim girls in Libya, Syria and Iraq...........while you were dreaming about the fiction which your ignorance in not having any world experience did not alert you to as your ticket to death.

For those who do not like the profane Lame Cherry lectures, you are welcome to leave with your pitiful small donations or non donations, to receive an education from perhaps some Muslim terror nuke raping your vagina to death in your safe little city zones or perhaps raped by some terror mob to death. Of course, you probably won't have time to benefit from the education, but look at it this way, in the pile of dung which you are will grow some nice grass, for some nice deer, which some orange haired brute male will kill, bring home to his wife, who will cook up for their safe little daughters.........who learned the lessons in life about being smarter than a vaginal flow.

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