Friday, November 18, 2016

Congratulations America, Donald Trump Picks Americans For You

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I hope all of you will settle down a bit more after witnessing the genius of President Donald Trump in vetting candidates for service to America at the White House, and his choices have been absolutely perfect.

Senator Jeff Sessions is exactly the man of character and love for America, who can bring stability as Attorney General to the Justice Department. Literally, from the FBI leadership to US Attorneys, the American Justice system under Loretta Lynch is in a criminal meltdown. Jeff Sessions is perfect in this role and will confine the Department of Justice to protecting and serving the American People, with restoring the honor to the FBI and Justice which America desperately needs.

General Mike Flynn at NSA is another perfect American choice. The NSA since the Bush43 years has been in criminal meltdown. Review the story of Karen Stewart or listen to it on online programs and you will be horrified what the NSA did to one of their own employees.
General Flynn is a man of character who will set the NSA to doing the job it was designed for in monitoring threats against America, and not threatening Americans.

Karen Stewart
NSA Whistleblower,
Gang-Stalking Victim

Lastly today we have Mike Pompeo of Kansas, a stellar choice in graduating first at the US military academy, was cavalry officer, a businessman in aerospace and in the oil business. He served on the House Intelligence Committee, and will provide the direction to the CIA which it must have, as Obama on steroids turned the CIA into this mercenary rag tag nation destroyer, using US Special Forces to be murdered in the most dangerous situations.

We before us, 3 Conservatives who would make Ronald Reagan look monderate. These are magnificent picks and in statements coming from the Supreme Court in Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas, the Conservatives there have gone active in their role to Make America Great Again.


The Dollar is soaring as is the stock market due to President Trump policies in people are investing in hope as they are emancipated from the Obama communist organized misery.

We could not have a better day, but we are going to have better days, as each day follows we have before us a more stabilized world, of Conservative President Trump choices to serve us, which are not the Obama destabilized anarchy to take advantage of, but the opportunity to stop the violence in this world which has become a fixture of Obama Clinton.

What you will now witness are the silent majority at Justice in Homeland, FBI, CIA and the NSA who will begin to come forward knowing they are not going to be stalked by the Obama police state as each of us has been.

Thank you President Trump for choosing by God's Grace thee most perfectly suited government officers to make America great again.

God bless you President Donald Trump.

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