Friday, November 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton Rotting from the Inside Out

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above was grabbed from as I did not have the time to find the original warmed over death picture, instead of this GIF.

That stated, you will remember the high octane Hillary Clinton who appeared after her near death experience in September, being resuscitated by gallons of young blood cocktail in IV transfusions for the final run up to presidential election theft, well, now you are witnessing what old Hamrod really looks like as she is genetically aging again at an accelerated speed.

If you observe the one photo of Mrs. Clinton looking right, you can see her eyes are bloodshot and she looks like someone smacked her upside the head with a Mercedes. When you rejuvenate an old body, you expand it, and it bruises, by all those increased pressures from added fluids. It is why in that staged morning after photo of her epic landslide loss to Donald Trump, with those little girls, that her face looked like she had a gallon of water pumped into it as it was puffy and is because it did due to hormones in the juvenile blood and the reaction of the body dealing with it.......bodies swell up when they react to foreign entities in them.

Mrs. Clinton is so ragged out, that she can not sit hours to get her hair fixed. So you get the greasy hair look that is pasted down, and she can not sit in make up like Vampira for hours getting make up on, so you get the ghastly view of her when Huma tries to buff on enough powder to hide the bruising.

So you get this, expanded cell structure is damaged cell structure. That is what bruising is, exploded cells. Mrs. Clinton is bruised and she is literally rotting before our eyes now. When the human body is injured it rots like fruit, but in a healthy non sick form, the body hauls away the decomposing cells before gangrene can set in as nature takes it's course. With Mrs. Clinton we are viewing the effects of weeks of this therapy which was killing her, as she tried to stay on her feet to pay off the Russian and Muslim mafias who were conned into donating to her Foundation.

Every cell in Hillary Clinton was injured. she is 70 years old, and going on 90. She does not have the recuperative powers of a child who is supposed to be renewing itself daily. The bruising and ruptures you are witnessing on the outside, are even more intense on the inside in her liver, heart, kidneys and yes her brain.

Now that the smoke has cleared and her uncaring voters can quit pushing this sick old woman, we know for certain that Mrs. Clinton has brain problems. She had cancer problems on her tongue. It is rumored she has heart problems. Her 70 year old body is desperately in need of rest and not public appearances. Yes the blood transfusions can have Mrs. Clinton "cured", but all of those youthful potions are not going to remedy the abuse her sinful body has collected.

The reality is Mrs. Clinton is rotting from the inside out. It remains to be seen if her body can process her corpse tissues fast enough or will be overloaded to the point she has pneumonia again, begins drowning in her own spit again, or this time her kidneys shut down or she goes cardiac arrest.
I realize that Mrs. Clinton has the best medical care bribes can buy, but her regimen must include a detox of her body, as dialysis should be included, along with her continuing her youth blood to lessen the effects of her decomposition, under though safe medical levels.

Mrs. Clinton's kidneys and intestinal tract is going to have to process out around 90 pounds of her body weight over the next 6 weeks and that is a tremendous strain on her aged form, as that 90 pounds is decay as she is simply one massive walking blood clot.

This woman is unfit literally. She went insane on election eve, and is in need of an interdiction to mandate that she gets a years worth or rest as the photos do not lie. The flush on her face from Kansas City from this treatment has now become the ashen look of bruised death. Mrs. Clinton needs to be looked after as she is incapable of looking after herself, and those around her are still unable to deal with this woman.

Plasma from blood of young 'REVERSES aging'...

Told you and now Lame Cherry proven right again.......the problem is when you do gallons of it for a presidential campaign, it explodes you from the inside out.