Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Congratulations to President Donald Trump the American Job Savior

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us do the Lame Cherry Concentrate.

Carrier fires Americans and is moving to Mexico.

image Obama does nothing as he wants Americans on welfare dependency to vote democratic.

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton do nothing, because their Wall Street cronies have a greater profit margin with slave labor.

Unions do nothing, because it is easier to extort money from beaners in Mexico.

Paul Ryan does nothing, because he is Big Koch Chamber of Commerce in ruining American wages to put them on par with Chinese slave labor.

Mike Pence does nothing, with Carrier in Indiana, because Mike Pence is feckless.

Donald Trump, not even President, spends Thanksgiving informing Carrier that with Congress, he will tax them to death, so they might as well stay in America, and in a few days, Carrier stays in America, and Donald Trump saves more jobs as President Elect, while Obama was losing millions of jobs in his 2008 meltdown.

That is the difference, with an American who cares about Americans. Donald Trump actually works, instead of going on vacation. Donald Trump actually works, instead of Rose Garden parties. Donald Trump actually works, instead of golfing.

Donald Trump is not even President and America is already rallying and these conglomerates are already in Ford and Carrier, doing what is right for America, instead of raping the American People.

Congratulations to President Donald Trump. This is all Americans have ever wanted since Ronald Reagan, in someone in the position just getting a fair shake for Americans.

........and no I am not going to shut up about Mitt Romney being a piece of Mormon Mexican dung, as we need Conservative Christians in the Cabinet for God to bless, not apostate Pence pansies.

I will though praise President Donald Trump when his American comes out, like taking citizenship from traitors who burn the flag.....and I don't give a damn about what that fraud Supreme Court ruled, as Donald Trump will throw their treacherous asses into Gitmo too.

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