Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Stench of Mike Pence

Editor's Note: This is a Lame Cherry stand alone as this is a political crisis which must be addressed.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry calls for the Trump Transition hijacker for the Neocons and Big Koch, in Vice Presidential elect Mike Pence, to do the right thing in stepping down, so to not cripple the Administration of Donald Trump further, in a Spiro Agnew resignation later, due to the fact that Mike Pence has been in court hiding information from the Public in his emails as Governor of Indian, in  a Texas lawsuit against the Obama regime.

In all of the criminal reality of Hillary Clinton in her emails, America now has Mike Pence with a corrupt Indiana Republican court covering up the transparency which voters demand. In effect, a political ally of Mike Pence mailed him a "white paper" on how to guerilla attack the Obama regime on this issue of invaders entering America, and when the courts ordered Pence to turn over the documents, Pence did that, but the white paper was completely inked out.

This has now become a Constitutional crisis as the Indiana court in this cover up, created this ruling:

In a 4-1 ruling, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled in Citizens Action Coalition, et al. v. Indiana House Rep., that under the Indiana Constitution’s separation of powers clause the legislature's redactions were nonjusticiable, a legal term that means not for the court to decide. Groth was also the attorney representing the plaintiffs in that case.

What this is now law in Indiana, and soon America, allows even town councils to hide what they are doing from the public. This is taking place in Indiana already. So you understand this in Hillary Clinton's emails, according to Pence Law, Hillary Clinton would not have to delete any email, but could ink the all out, and the FBI and the Courts would have no right to them. Hillary Clinton could claim working for Obama executive privilege and that would end the information to the courts.
Literally, Mike Pence has carte blanche by this crooked court to cover up anything he was involved in.

What this White Paper is, we do not know. The Democrat suing in this, thinks it has to do with Pence spending a fortune in taxpayer money on outside private attorneys for this case, which taxpayers have every right to know how their money is being wasted.
What if it is an actionable paper which promoted shady political tricks that Pence is hiding, or something worse?

The net result in this is the reality that Mike Pence and his crooked Indiana court is going beyond the crimes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. This is the real Mike Pence in he was caught doing something and has now dragged this into the Trump Administration.

The Lame Cherry calls upon Donald Trump to immediately disavow Mike Pence before the Electoral College meets, and order him to make these documents public, for full review, and if anything shady is involved in this, that President Trump immediately remove Mike Pence from this ticket, as this is not what Americans voted for. We have had enough of legal manipulations by Birther Obama, and are not going to put up with Mike Pence setting up legal precedents where he can hide information from the public, because he is either a dumb ass or a criminal.

The stench of Mike Pence is wafting through this Trump Trans and as he plots to overthrow Donald Trump and the American People, it is vital that President Donald Trump seize this opportunity for full openness to the public in these Pence hidden documents, and as this is so embarrassing to Mike Pence that he is hiding them, it is time for Mike Pence to be removed as Vice President, before he does any more damage to the Trump Presidency.

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