Monday, November 14, 2016

Do not believe all the current lies about Donald Trump's Administration choices

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I received this correspondence and it is worth least in part.

Dear LC,
i really like your postings and appreciate all you have done to help get DJT elected as our next president.
however, i am confused by some of your articles as they seem to give guidance to the progressives.  like your posting about ellison as the DNC leader.  seems like that is actually going to happen.  on the conservative treehouse they think this is great for the trump train as it will expose the dnc for what a bunch of crazies they really are.    Is that your thoughts as well?
i'm disturbed by all the gop traitors that the trump administration seems to be filled with.   preibus as cos?  seriously?    then rumblings of romney's neice heading up the RNC?   newt?  i thought trump was going to drain the swamp of these traitors?  What about investigating and prosecuting clinton(s)?   going  back on all the important issues to bring unity?    Forget unity - we voted for him to clear out the corruption.
Maybe you could do a posting on your thoughts.  I did see some of your recent ones that trump needs to follow through.  
just getting nervous about the direction of this administration.  obviously still million times better than if clinton won.
God bless you, TL, and your family.

I can not explain a great deal of what I am doing or it will not be as effective. Those in need of validation are constantly trying to draw attention to themselves by revealing their plans on websites, which only assists the enemy.

I explained about Priebus. He is a GOPliter, but will push through Congress what Mr. Trump needs to have coordinated to fix Obamacare and this klusterfuck which has been left for him. We do not have to trust these people, but you do trust God, and can trust Donald Trump, and trust at least that I am working on the time line in what I am doing.
If you missed it, someone happened to post on a popular girl blog what would be best for the Trump children to serve America, including obtaining security clearances for them......the President is doing exactly that.

If you read my admonitions of Mr. Trump needing to follow through, they are not reminders to the President, but to the children he is dealing with who are now "wowed" by the White House and can not shut up in leaking or thinking that they were responsible for this victory from God.

I am reminding Mr. Trump though that people like you are getting nervous of things which the propaganda is focusing on to cause a divide with his voters, and to remind him that he has a group of people out there who want things done 3 months ago, and at this point they are feeling left out.

I would ask all of you to remember a few things, the first of which is we are blessed to be in this position about worrying about who is being appointed, as Hillary Clinton we would be worried about when we would be picked up by the police state.

There has not been any change in what Mr. Trump has been advocating and "lock her up" is the same reality. Mr. Trump never said he would appoint a special prosecutor, but he did say he did not want to destroy the Clintons, as they were good people. There is in this a Presidential message, a public and private stance. Remember there is still an active FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation, and Mr. Trump has not stated that will be stopped.
I am explaining this to settle each of you down, but you must know in explaining this, that this is now going to your enemies who understand what Mr. Trump is doing.

image Obama can mouth off as it always does in "What Donald Trump will do", but this is the same image who got it wrong on Donald Trump winning.  Mr. Trump is not going to get bogged down in sodomite stuff as that is wasted time. He puts Conservatives on the court and the courts rectify all of this out of politics.

There is only so much talent out there as Reagan's people are all dead. So that leaves a mix.

Put it this way in Newt Gingrich who was normal until Harold Hamm bought Newt and then Newt went nuts. Newt is like a horse that runs away. So you cure it by keeping a halter on don't get rid of the horse as that is all you got to ride.

None of these office are etched in stone. People fuck up and the President will fire them. At this point we have to wait and see what the mix will be. I am most concerned about the leaks, as those people are going to be a problem later.

Once the people get appointed, then the factions start fighting for Trump time. It is why the children and Melania are vital in this to keep the President informed.

Most of you were not around for President Reagan. It was not some bed of roses. The media called him nuts. Said he would start a nuclear war..........Congress trashed him.......the economy did not move for 18 months.....and people lost faith as George Schultz was a liberal who replaced Al Haig, and Nancy Reagan started cutting out the Conservatives for the legacy thing.

Just give the President some time and faith. This group has more than enough time to get things written for bills, so it will not take 6 months to get things done. For President Trump the sooner he can run up the score with wins, the more the momentum carries as with Reagan.

Understand that Pence given transition does not mean a great deal, nor Christie disappearing in that report about Mr. Trump "disgusted" as that is an old story he knew. Pence will be expected to perform Donald Trump's agenda and will to the letter.

Gerald Celente who runs trends, stated he expected Donald Trump to get everything he wanted for the next 2 years, providing there were not surprise events which always crop up. Mr. Celente was picking Mr. Trump to win pray for Mr. Trump and realize what he is up to in undoing Obama treaties, executive orders, removing clean energy mandates which will drop consumer prices and get America energy independent, and numerous other things you are not being told.

As I mentioned to TL today on our walk, we would have been overjoyed in 2008 or 2012 to have Mike Pence compared to what was there, as this guy is a rabid Conservative and is one of the mysteries as to why Hillary Clinton never went after him, as we were told by Jeb Bush that no Conservative could ever win talking about aborticide and repealing Obama. No I do not trust Mike Pence, due to Big Koch, and the harm that could bring Mr. Trump, but I do desire all of you to remember the GLASS IS FULL in we have by God's Grace, Donald Trump as President. It is not a glass full of obstacles, but of solutions.

Some of what I do and intend is to hold these glory whores who are appointed to the fire, so they serve Mr. Trump and America, and not themselves, because none of them are the end of genius and all of them have forgotten that God brought all of this about, and probably all of them have never heard of that Prophetess who was telling everyone the construction of this and being right again by God's Grace.

..and no I did not think Donald Trump was the least bit deflated after meeting image Obama. He looked to me to be a man impatient and a man who knew he was wasting time with that moron image and his shutterbug fawnlings.
Donald Trump knows what he wants to do as President and is as desirous to get this done as you are.

Just give him the time, and pray to God for the right God did better than ok in saving us all from genocide in the election.

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