Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two Fat Ugly Dyke Chics


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So TL and I were getting petrol from the pump, and being aware of my surroundings, I always pay attention to others in my defensive sphere. I noted this fat woman on the other side of the pump, and mentioned to TL that, that kind of sight needed sunglasses, so one would not throw up at the sight.

What greeted me first was this black lace top, which for some reason when one has lace containing 220 pounds of potatoes, it sort of loses the look lace is meant for.

As I listened to the conversation, which apparently was with fat chic number two, who started smoking by the pump, I became more interested as the conversation was something about someone having to come back at 2 o' clock, because their court date was moved up.

Yes fine upstanding citizens in that, but it was a great deal of information and not a great deal being said.

As I started doing the windscreen, I looked over to see what the whole view was, and that is when I spotted the pit bull in the back seat......and then I spotted the pit bull in the other passenger seat. Apparently it was all happy couples as the dogs had their own windows to look out and the windows were rolled down, so no second hand smoke was cancerfying their lungs.

There are certain things which hold true. People who think gangster stuff is cool, and are weak trashy sorts have pit bulls, rottweillers and those ugly dogs black people always have. It is like fat ugly women in lace. The mirrors to the soul do not lie, even if the mirror does.

I next got my surprise as I checked the tags in they were from Minnesota. Going to have to see if the Viking can set up a road block to keep his fat ugly lesbian dykes with pit bulls at his border, as I fear that load in that little car was breaking up the road from there to here.

Sometimes life is a real blessing, because first you get a fat ugly white chic, then you get a fat ugly white chic in black lace, then you get two fat ugly white chics, then you get two fat ugly white chics smoking by a gas pump, then you get two fat ugly smoking white chics and pit bull, with court appearances, and then you get two fat ugly white chics with court appearances and two pit bulls in the back.

A world like that is not that hard to find now, and it sure found me today.

It must be some liberal democrat balance of trade in Minnesota exports BLM terror to Texas and fat ugly dyke chics, while importing Muslim terrorists and pit bull semen.

Go figure