Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fact Check on Mike Cernovich

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Apparently Mike Cernovich is concerned about a hit piece on him from the Molotov Mob Media AKA MMM, as he is beginning to arise to being a problem for the Mockingbird.
Mr. Cernovich has responded in his own fact check on his life to retard the attack. I on the other hand being the investigative journalist popular girl I am, have conducted my own exhaustive investigation of Mike Cernovich in why he is someone to be despised and hated for all he represents.

There are three major evils of Mike Cernovich and the Lame Cherry reveals them exclusively.

  1. Mike Cernovich married a gorgeous lady.
  2. Mike Cernovich has a gorgeous wife
  3. Mike Cernovich and his dog, gets to live with a gorgeous lady.

Here is the proof.

As you can attest to the evidence the Lame Cherry is right again.

You will have to trust me on the dog part as the dog was difficult to get a photo off of in the NSA laptop camera surveillance.

Mike Cernovich by the above evidence is dangerous, as just like Donald Trump, people will look at the gorgeous wife and not care what Mike Cernovich is is the problem with ugly Michelle Obama and ugly Hillary Clinton, in the public paid attention to the evils of the men as the public could not bear thinking about these ugly women.

Yes the gorgeous wife of Mike Cernovich hides volumes, so let Mike Cernovich be inspirational, pose with sickly children and stand up for Truth, Justice and the American Way in all of their evils, because none of that matters in this exhaustive investigation, as once you see the cute puppy the Cernovich's have and the gorgeous wife, everyone is supporting him like Donald Trump.

As a last ditch effort, the Lame Cherry calls upon image Obama to sign an executive order calling for the arrest of all men married to beautiful women, as a threat to liberalism, and for liberal males to place brown paper sacks on the heads of their wives so people stop looking into Obama and Clinton crimes.