Thursday, November 17, 2016

Clinton Obama Terrorists Terrorizing Dying Mother

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For those who can stop a moment and remember the heinous lies meant to smear Donald Trump and drive women from voting for him, one woman immediately stood up in former Miss Wisconsin, Melissa Consin Young, and defended Mr. Trump, as she was suffering from a terminal illness.

The following is from the Hannity Show, so it is the facts and I wanted all of you to know about her situation, as on election night one of the Hillary Clinton terrorists showed up and tried to break into her home. This terrorist of Obama  Clinton appeared again, and stole her car and then left a terror note stating they would be back to finish the job.

Ms. Young is dying literally, and confirmed to Mr. Hannity that she is resigned to the fact. She is though a mother who when the Clinton Obama terrorists tried to break into her house, she had to unhook her IV's, move out of bed, and then went to her child's room to cover him with her body, as she waited for police to return.

This is the real face of the Soros Purple Revolution, as much as George Clooney's wife now attacking Donald  Trump as she bitches about terrorist's rights, as a dying American Mother is being terrorized by the money her husband donated to democrats and is filtering to this terror network, as James O'Keefe documented.

I do not have the links for people who want to donate to this woman's child as some kind of trust fund. Sean Hannity was donating 10,000 dollars, but he understands that most of us are shit out of resources. He is though going to speak to Mr. Trump tonight and make him aware of the situation in this most sad situation.

Literally, when Bernie Sanders is speaking the Truth in how bad Obama Clinton betrayed all Americans, and speaks to nothing of the American suffering, and Mr. Sanders tells these radical Soros terrorists to stand down, then where the hell is that preening image of Obama  and that ghastly sight of Hillary Clinton, offering to defend a dying woman, who is being terrorized by the Democratic Terror Machine of Obama and Clinton.

I honestly believe that Donald Trump is too soft hearted. I fear for his children appearing in public, as we all know what is out there, as Ms. Young is a living example of Obama Clinton terrorism, like the hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the Mideast from their genocidal policies. It is past time that the coming Trump Administration states it is going to send out the FBI to apprehend these terrorists to the last one, send them before a Military Tribunal, and when convicted in 5 minutes, put them on a boat to Gitmo and let them serve their life sentence in Castro's paradise.

This has to stop, because if it does not, all of these Bandito Mexicans are going to make America bleed as much as the Clinton terrorists, and it is going to reach as it is to the friends of the President.

This Mother deserves a blessed end. To not be hunted and terrorized by a Clinton Obama Soros terrorist in her own home. Sean Hannity spoke of burglar alarms, he needs to pony up and hire a security guard from New York's Finest to protect this American Family in Wisconsin.

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