Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For God Sake a Victory that includes President Trump

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Like most of you, I am still unable to grasp this victory God created in electing Donald Trump as President. It is as we were listening to Mr. Trump's victory speech in the early morning when Reince Priebus was speaking about getting things done, and I am immediately went into, "OK we are hit, now we must prepare for the next election", and then I was startled in, "There is not any more elections as Donald Trump is now President".

As I type this, out of the blue in starting this computer, I received a notice at start up that my charger was not connected. I suspect as the computer is working and I am charged, that this is some malevolent wire jumper leaving a parting and pouting shot at me for what God has wrought.

I have been contemplating a great deal these past weeks, knowing I would be a target with Hamrod in office. It filled my thoughts this past week that if Mr. Trump was not provided the victory that everything was over in 100 million invaders would negate all of our votes next time around and we would not survive the economic meltdown which is coming, as Mrs. Clinton would benefit her cronies and we would be culled.
Being hunted by a regime is something that does not wear off, no more than being shot at.

I have been thinking about how this all started a year and a half ago. How I had decided to not take any part in this evil which is America in propping up sodom. How the Holy Ghost began speaking to me about Jehu, and how I was not correct for the job, that another would.
I think about the genesis of all of this, in having predicted in 2009 that it would be Jeb and Hillary, and how in 2015 the great minds who had stolen my ideas were lecturing that it was all over.
It was then I was move to inform people that with Scott Walker it was possible to defeat Jeb Bush as an outside chance, and I began the process......but Walker failed immediately in bowing to Big Koch and I dumped him.
At that moment Donald Trump arose, and although I have been aware of Mr. Trump for some time, I was not interested, but the more he was attacked, the more I was moved to not allow this unfairness to continue, and it was then that I began formulating, the process in changing the time line by God's Grace to defeat Jeb Bush, the other Republicans and  then Hillary Clinton. I stated correctly that Donald Trump was the only horse to ride out of this death valley and it proved correct.

I am still not pleased with Ted Cruz, as he wasted too much of my resources in his evil agenda, but in the numbness of this moment in reality has not yet set in almost a day later, I am remembering being laughed at by my tax preparers when I mentioned about Donald  Trump being President, and after all of this, the time line manifested in the defeat of political dynasty in Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, all because in the end, God stood up because non one else did, and this was God for His Name taking the victory in a miracle.

It is going to take some time to realign my thought process again from what I was moved. I think about how I was moved to post about Hillary needing to concede so she would not end up in prison as an act of magnanimous humanity and how that is exactly what took place.
Things went on in this election theft, that John Podesta went home to plot with the other plotters, but something with Hamrod took place in that half hour, which none of the Clinton campaign was remotely aware of, as they with the wretched press were plotting to gut America for the next month in court challenges, exactly as the blog posted was the time line, and it would be the Electoral College which decided it and ended Hamrod's state court intrigue.

I think of how many times in the start of this in the early going how this blog was moved to put out the backfires to guard Mr. Trump's rear, sometimes three times a day, and how it all was one step out of the valley of death, and it continued on.

I hope to have this charger thing sorted out soon enough, as I need to write for tomorrow. I think I will let you in on the campaign of Donald Trump, as revealing this information to you and the world will not be of any benefit now, as Mr. Trump is in Presidential mode, and this will not serve him in running again, and no democrat could ever duplicate it. Only two other people on the outside know this in TL and Maggie, but it will explain to you how  this all worked and how none of these asstards with all their expertise never did get a handle on what Donald Trump was doing. They never did get it in their smirking haughty condescending spew that this was never reality television.

Four hours of sleep does not clear the mental processes and I need to check some things and move it down the trail. I thank God for God's sake that He moved for His reason. We now have a chance to face in Christ with an American leader all that is coming. I have told you that with Mr. Trump we have a chance in things being deflected in retribution for our national sins, instead of the full fury under Hamrod. We are as wore out as the Israeli air force after the 6 Days War and Mr. Trump is going to have to have the best people fixing things on all fronts that the Obama Clinton regime have been ruining for 8 years.

God bless those who donated. I appreciate it.

Time for the sapper to move into the future.