Wednesday, November 9, 2016

That Hillary Dark Cloud Driven Away By Trump Sunshine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to address something in Lame Cherry Concentrate which I noticed, but have been too swamped to post on..........for that matter, write a lengthy scientific paper on.

Most of you noticed today how the world felt different with Donald Trump elected as President. There is a reason for this in the day seeming like you do not feel oppressed any longer as the sun seemed brighter.

Short explanation:

Americans wed themselves to a false messiah who kicked Jesus out of America in favor of apostate cult religions and sodomy.
That is covenant, so satan is in control.....people go nuts in murdering each other, blacks especially wed to this in Chicago epicenter, and people got what they wanted and let happen.

End result all the wicked, evil and dark emotions clouding over Americans.

Then God provides Americans a choice. Whore of Hillaryrod the prostitute of false messiah, image jinn Obama or Donald Trump for God to restore Christianity to America.

Hard fight........lots of election fraud, but God stands up for His Name as People plead........ and a nation divorces themselves from a demonic marriage and a brothel contract with Hillary, and weds themselves to a God's choice.

Immediately the dark clouds disappear, as God's Light and good emotions cover the nation.

That is what you are feeling.

Gotta Jet.........sip the Lame Cherry concentrate slowly as I am intoxicating in you will expect this kind of genius from all of those.........other lesser primates.