Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton: The Wikileaks Latin Slave Trader


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK, I will admit it, that the Clinton emails bore me like a blonde with a 3rd world skinned hobby. The thing is I notice things being a popular girl, and it is things that none of these other detectives doing keyboard investigation miss.
You know like others find the simple stuff like .........."Hillary Clinton is a half wit bone head". Most people might miss that, but not the smart people who have their own WWW address.

Now me, I look at Hamrod emails and get bored. My mind wanders to MR 73 revolvers or cantaloupes as the idea of French melons just is something I can ponder about for hours. Vietnam, Mexico, Canada.........the French really got the hind tit in real estate, best thing ever was when they unloaded the load and went cantaloupes.

You know anything about South America? It is ok, as the Clinton's know heaps about Vatican America. OK I will fill you in.

So Obama's emissaries went to South America in the summer of 2008, promising all sorts of things. Like coke shipping lines into Europe, which al Qaeda would be the mules for.

OK so you probably need a refresher in this, in you remember Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, rushed down to Honduras to try and put the dope dealing president there, back into dope dealing dictatorship for the Obama regime.

Did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Enable the Coup in ...

On June 28, 2009, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, democratically elected Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by a military coup.

The liberals did not like the slimy results as you can see by the links.

So you get the play by play in this, you have to know about the Clinton Foundation had this program to drive out of South America all of the dope lords. Problem in this was that all the dope lords ended up in Latin America and South America was.........

Well let's look at the Wikileaks to see the wonder of Hillary Clinton.

Clinton Foundation Update: Latin America Trip

Hi everyone - we wanted to give you some updates on our trip to Latin America this week. President Clinton got a firsthand look at the work of the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) and CGI commitment-makers in El Salvador, Panama, and Peru. The Clinton Foundation, through CGEP, is working to develop social enterprises that foster sustainable economic development aimed at helping people work themselves out of poverty, with a focus on increasing opportunities for girls and women. In Latin America, this includes equipping women with sales and skills training and a basket of fortified food and consumer products, which the entrepreneurs then sell to others within their communities - providing essential, life-changing goods and helping to increase household incomes. CGEP also works to empower smallholder farmers by giving them better access to markets and infrastructural improvements for their locally grown produce. So our friends could follow us along on the trip, President Clinton "took over" the Clinton Foundation's Instagram account, posting pictures of what he saw and who he met. See below for some of those moments.

 Now that sounds all noble, but let's look at how noble the Clinton initiatives are.


ensures farmers have access to quality seeds and fertilizers that will significantly improve the quality and yields


President Clinton and partners toured the wind farm,

Empowering women entrepreneurs in Peru

equips women in various regions in Peru with sales skills training and essential products, which the entrepreneurs then sell to others within their communities

Again that all sounds really great doesn't it? It is until someone with a brain reading those emails starts pointing out this is Monsanto frankenfood crops and Big Oil fertilizers which cost a fortune.
Wind farms? Again a fortune for people who earn 200 dollars a month.
Then the Stanley Ann Dunham macroeconomics appears again, with conning poor uneducated people to be Mary Kay saleswomen, and we all know how it is a matter of the people on top get rich and the poor vendors below ruin themselves.

So basically, the Clintons had Obama drive out dope lords to Central America, which is now being destroyed, and the Clintons opened South America up to exploiting the poor in making them slaves to Monsanto, Big Chem, Green Fraud and Asian slave market production, as this is all about the billionaries, getting the Spanish peon to become the neo slaves in the New World.

This becomes even more criminal exploitation as the Americans reading this, are providing their share in this Ponzi Scheme. Here take a read:

FYI from El Salvador folks: ________________________________  

From: Carlos Rafael Urquilla Bonilla To: Amitabh Desai Sent: Wed Nov 23 14:09:55 2011 Subject: report I'm writing you on behalf The First Lady of El Salvador, Mrs. Vanda Pignato, aiming hereby informe to you, and through you, to Mr President Clinton, about the meeting and steps regarding the outcomes of the meetings and his advises on how to ask the finnacial aid to El Salvador for reconstruction and rehabilitation after Tropical Depression 12E. We have had the following meetings (it includes the representatives and senatores suggested by President Clinton, and others suggested by our Embassy in Washington):
Again for those who do not see things in the Wikileaks emails of the Clinton crimes, you might need to return to Haiti and figure out how the Clinton's are tapping US assistance worth billions, which then flows to their foundation donors, who then get the contracts to rip off Haiti or El Salvador.
Let us just call this again........Clinton Pay for Play.

How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich off Poor Haitians

In Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, Dinesh D'Souza exposes how the Clinton Foundation got rich off poor Haitians.

If you read the email, you will discover that the Clintons provided an entire list of US Congressmen who to contact, to put the squeeze on the regime to hand over money to El Salvador in this scheme. Yes Maroc Rubio was a mark in this. It would be nice if these political whores would help Americans as much as Hillary Clinton on money laundering.

1. Christopher Dodd. Ex Senator and current CEO of MPAA. He offered to explore a way to increase visibilisation on El Salvador and TD 12E through artists that could be interested on it
2. James McGovern. (Rep. Mass.) - D. He will send a letter to Mrs. Clinton
3. Barry Jackson. Chief of Staff of the Speaker of the House, (Rep. OH.) - R. He suggested us to focus on State Department rather than Congress, considering that the political moment give us only a very small chance to obtain such aid in the 2012 US Budget. He offered to ask Speaker Boehner to call Mrs. Clinton and chat about the official letter. He helped us to appoint meetings between The First Lady of El Salvador and some other republican congressists.
4. Mary Landrieu. (Sen. LA.) - D as member of the Senates Committee on Appropriations. She offered to speak to Senator Leahy and ask him to increase the specific designation of founds in the Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs. She will argue on El Salvador to the Committee. She will call State Department to provide resources asked by the official letter. She said that will explore some possibilities in her State to have support to El Salvador. Additionally she will link New Orleans Mayor with El Salvador to find out some ways to increase cooperation on preventing and attending emergencies. She also expressed her intentions to visit El Salvador on January, following an invitation made by The First Lady of El Salvador.
5. Bob Menéndez. (Sen. NJ) - D, Chair of the SubCommittee on Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps and Global Narcotic Affairs. 
6. Howard Berman. (Rep. CA) - D. He is ranking member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
7. Bill Nelson. (Sen. FL) - D. He is not member of the Foreign Affairs or the Appropriation Committees, but he will explore some ways to cooperate to El Salvador by USAID.
8. David Rivera. (Rep. FL) - R. He's member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, mainly the SubCommittee on Western Hemisphere.
9. Mike Honda. (Rep. CA) – D. He’s member of the House Committee on Appropriations. 
10. Xavier Becerra (Rep. CA) – D. He is currently the Vice-Chair of the Democratic Caucus. He offered to speak directly to Secretary Clinton backing the official letter. 11. Nita Lowey. (Rep. NY) – D. She is member of the House Committee on Appropriations. She offered to speak with Secretary Clinton,
 12. Barbara Lee. (Rep. CA) – D. She’s member of the House Committee on Appropriations, 
13. Tom Udall. (Sen. NM) – D. He’s member of the Senate Committee on Appropriations..
14. Andrew King. Assistant Chief of Staff of Lindsey Graham (Sen. NC) – R.Hemisphere of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs.
15. Marco Rubio. (Sen. FL) – R. Ranking member of the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs. He offered to speak directly with Senator Leahy to make a proposal to help El Salvador. He also said that he will call Secretary Clinton. 
16. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. (Rep. FL) – F. She’s Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.
17. Tim Rieser. Chief of Staff of Senator Patrick Leahy who’s a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

Remembering these democrats on the Hillary Clinton down ticket to vote against them is a must, and keep Rubio and Graham on the short list for their chummy associations with crooked Hillary.

But wait there is more, for we have Clinton racism all in this dope smuggling and money laundering operation. In 2008, Hillary Clinton had an exclusive list to fill regime positions and they were all Hispanic.

Fw: Pena Recommendations

FYI. I think there's a bit of a gap here, but we should discuss. ----- Original Message ----- From: Federico Peña To: Froman, Michael B [CAI] Sent: Fri Oct 10 10:44:00 2008 Subject: Pena Recommendations Mike, Here are some additional Hispanics which we should consider. The only one who is not a Hispanic is Jim Polsfut but he has lived in Mexico and bilingual. Let's discuss when you have time. Federico'
 Pena is the same Clinton Obama official who came under investigation and then ended up at the swindling Wells Fargo which makes a fortune in money transfers in illegal invaders in America, transfering American funds to Latin America.

In 1995 the Justice Department conducted a preliminary investigation into a California transit agency's awarding of a pension management contract to Peña's former investment management firm. However, Peña had severed all ties to his former company both prior to the contract and prior to becoming Transportation Secretary. On March 17, 1995 Janet Reno ended the investigation

See that is what the Lame Cherry sees in the Clinton Wikileaks, the real corruption in organized crime, all run by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Does it make you proud to know that Bill and Hillary Clinton are moving dope dealers around Latin America for profit, exploiting Hispanic poor, and the exploiting Americans in swindling them out of foreign aid, so that money can be laundered back into the Clinton Foundation.........oh and they appoint their own racist Latin List to implement their own mafia inside America to loot the US Treasury.