Tuesday, November 1, 2016

a november surprise


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I never have understood the psychological rape that Jimmy Carter inflicted upon young degenerate minds as in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. For those who do not recall 1980, it was a time of Teddy Kennedy trying to unseat democrat Jimmy Carter for the nomination, an American Misery Index, and Jimmy Carter employing the Rose Garden Strategy of dismissing Reagan and the world, because of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, which Carter created by booting the Shah out of Iran.
Yes all this Muslim invader, Islamic terrorism came upon the world by Jimmy Carter.

That summer of 1980 though must have really created a psychopathy in Obama and Clinton, as they have both been trying to undo the Ghosts of Carter failed rescue attempts in both of their runs for President.

That is what was behind the murder of Chirs Stevens and others at Benghazi. It was Obama using his terrorists on September 11th, 2012 to take Stevens and others hostages, so Obama could then rescue them and do what Carter never could or would do.
It sounds nuts, because it is insane, but that is what Obama and Clinton engaged in, and it has been something they have been fixated on.

In this though, say something came up in the matrix, in inquiry. Say some popular girl had mentioned that the matrix was pointing a month ago about some October Surprise on the 24th, of a hostage rescue in Asia.......say some popular girl mentioned something about some taser bim trying to grab headlines last week before the FBI inquiry broke to smear Donald Trump.

Say in all of this hypothetically, that inquiry into the matrix, is pointing to something on November 2nd, which sort of melds Jimmy Carter, Benghazi and Hamrod klusterfuk all in one.

Say it is something like another bim appears, not to taser herself for attention and froth on the ground, but she has on a sort of glorified bondage belt from Muchelle Obama vintage....a sort of belt that looks a great deal like something some Muslim would have strapped to their waist.

Say in this scenario, that the same type of intelligence that James O'Keefe uncovered the Clinton campaign was coordinating with violence at Trump events, might feed some psycho bitch information which would allow her to get close with this fake device, in order to take a very important captive.

Say the psycho bim for Hamrod, might be using Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook broadcast to make this go live on her facebook page, and she is busy screaming all the Hamrod talking
points in smearing this person.

Say that this then goes live in CNN, with Wolf Blitzer doing the feed. Say that Hamrod appears to talk the situation down, and we have something like this going out:

"Yes I know Donald is an abuser of women", and Wolf repeats it, and then Hamrod goes through it all why Donald should not be in the White House, for a few hours of great political commericals that has the nation and the world riveted, all designed for Hamrod to rescue a helpless male, and show the world she is the only one who should be at 1600 Penn Avenue.

Sounds like a Hollywood script or something Hamrod would dream up with the Birther.

Once again, this hypothetical stuff is placed here to ponder in order for such bizarre things to not surprise all of us with a November surprise.

The matrix indicates it is all theater. No principle is harmed. I did not ask about the bim as I am busy with real time. None of this Hail Hillary Pass is what this blog needs for attention as I prefer anonymous.

Let it all just be old Hillary fading away in the legitimate rejection of her by the American People.

Oh I did inform you that democrats were gearing up to muddy the election in court challenges.

Dems ALREADY sue in four states...