Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hillary Innocent As Sin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am reposting this to inform all of you to figure this out, that Donald Trump has employed platoons of lawyers to fight this out in the courts if Hillary Clinton succeeds in flipping this election. Those who think as was posted on Gab that you have the luxury to take a nap in thinking you did something for the past year, be aware that you have done nothing, because the fight starts November 9th, and it is going to be every day keeping Donald Trump safe in the White House as President, to 2020 and then to 2024.

Too many of you have no comprehension what it is going to take. The conflict did not end with Cornwallis surrender to Washington nor Lee's surrender to Grant.

Dig down and get to work or get the hell off the field as you do not belong with the adults.

lame cherry
No one has the luxury of taking a nap, as that is when Mrs. Clinton and her rent a mob are going to contest the election in the courts and the streets. This has just started on November 9th, if we do not landslide this November 8th