Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Synchronicity of Lame Cherry

The Synchronicity of Lame Cherry

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

(And, by the way, who are you Lame Cherry? Sometimes you are so cryptic I can’t fathom what you are saying, and other times I don’t know quite know what to think about the shocking or vulgar language, and other times the message is so spiritual that I wonder if you are even the same person writing this blog every day. Yes, an enigma for sure and a flash of de ja vu for me as I write this for some reason.)

I was born in the shadow of Joan of Arc, January 6th, 1412 AD in the year of our Lord. I speak in the frequency of compressed emotion. The verse is a conversation in your heart.
There will be more shocking recipes in the vulgar language of strawberry icing, to boldly frost where no popular girl has gone before.
Puntz confirms, here am I, the same girl. TL informed me Puntz was questioning who I was as I carried her around checking fence today, as deer had smashed things down, as Puntz does not see me in a mad bomber hat, but concluded I was the same person posting on the blog, when I pointed out a  tank full of water and I was going to throw her into it, for a much hated bath.
Yes an enigma and flash of de ja vu, as the shadow of light reacts in the shared thought of the mind fantastic.

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