Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It is God's Donald Trump not Jared Kushner's

Isaiah the Prophet 48:11

For Mine Own Sake, even for Mine Own Sake, will I do it: for how should My Name be polluted? and I will not give My Glory unto another.

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Sometimes I just have to start typing in order for the Holy Ghost to sort things out which require posting, as I have been greatly displeased in how the foundlings of the last few months who overthrew the Trump campaign, have in complete blasphemy and arrogance, stolen the Glory and Honor from God in this Trump victory as President, and now claim it was all them.

The worst of these glory baskers in the bleating of sheep is Jared Kushner the son in law of Donald Trump, now making claims that he alone caused all of this.

I have held back in this out of respect to Mr. Trump, but no more, as this is the fate of the United States, Russia and the Christian Peoples in keeping them from the anti Christ, and I am not about to after the hell I have been put through in demonic attacks and regime threats, to allow another false messiah to plant themselves on Christ's throne or victory, to destroy the one slim chance we have, so Jared the son in law can preen in public like he is the architect of all of this.

I will rehearse the short version of this, in the Holy Ghost told me a Jehu was coming, and that is all in the archives here. God used me to construct this time line to eliminate the established time lines of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. It seemed impossible, but nothing is with God.

I was God's implement, but so were Patriots like Sandy who volunteered for the Trump campaign, and so were people like Maggie who actually saved the Trump campaign when it was about to implode, to a problem that it would have caused me a hundred times more effort to gain this election.

I can tell you that there were Christians involved in this across America getting out the vote in numbers, and it was those efforts which turned the tide in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan. It was exactly as the Berlin Wall falling from German Lutheran protests, in the  Clinton wall was knocked over by Christians.
I can tell you that numbers of these Christian volunteers were Black American Patriots, and it infuriates me that none of these people are getting one acknowledgement or crumb from this Trump campaign, when they were the conduits God worked through as the Holy Ghost held all of this together for God's sake, and not for prissy little pins stripe suit boys who think they did something.

I can tell you what Jared Kushner did, because I exposed it all this past week. Kushner paid 70 million dollars a month to a San Antonio geek who hired 100 trolls for the Alamo Project which targeted blacks and other Ted Cruz type trolls to get them to vote. I can tell you something of the facts too in Alamo had negligible effect on this election.
All Kushner did was take credit for the wave God was generating. I can tell you exactly who was driving this wave in media in it was the Alt Right, it was Jeff Rense who was still recovering from an assassination attempt, it was the people on the Rense network and it was Gateway Pundit. I will mention a popular girl who built the construct, but that is what was driving this and moving it, and all Kushner did is waste 70 million a month trying to manipulate morons who can not be manipulated to stay in place, because they change their mind in every news manipulation.

So it galls the hell out of me, when I am aware of the people behind the scenes who raised money, who made the phone calls, who to the rugged individual stood their ground, as this was all fought out in Sean Hannity in the MSM and Drudge, with this work of God securing the victory.

It galls me when I know of the Corey Lewandowski's and Katrina Pierson's who were there from the start, not even being mentioned for shit now, as all of these other self indulgent creatures like Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway gather the spoils, and that Mike Pence strolls around like high priest looking over the virgins he fathered.

I can inform all of you, that God is taking notice of all of this, and there is going to be repayment coming as God does not give His Glory to another.

I would counsel President Donald Trump to get on this, as this lack of leadership is a snowflake that will turn into a humiliating avalanche of a problem, when before everything was working for Mr. Trump. I remind the President of that tiara tweet against his butler, which sent a shockwave through is campaign as it faltered. If Mr. Trump allows this glory whoring to continue, there is humiliation coming, and I did not watch my pets be murdered, my life almost ended and my peace upturned, for some child who thinks he is something because his family is a New Jersey ghetto lord about it all, can make money losing deals on billion dollar buildings, and then claim the god to be thanked is a computer algorithm, instead of the God, Whose Christ was returned by Christians to the George Washington Throne of America ALL for God's Glory.

I knew what I created in you President Trump, so you read the story of Jehu in what happened when that chosen leader decided to lead by his plan, instead of God's. This has always been about God and will always be about God.
For my part I have one major concern, and that is to establish a working protection for Christian east and west in President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump, against the anti Christ to lessen the blows of reckoning which are coming, due to the national sins of the sodom West.

I will not have the work God completed through me, handed over to these upstarts, who are in the same apostasy in thinking they could deny God and keep sin around as they could handle it.

What the Lord giveth, the Lord will take away.

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