Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Obama Wore Out Two Air Force Ones

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The historical legacy of Barack Hussein Obama has begun, and it's epitome is a historical fact, that President Donald Trump will inherit not only a world in utter ruin, but somehow the impossible has been accomplished in Birther Hussein wore out TWO Boeing 747 jets which are Air Force One, and the military is scrambling in trying to replace them.

The White House is urgently looking to replace the presidential aircraft, as the in-use pair of Air Force One Boeing 747-200s are nearly three decades old.

Yes Obama prematurely fatigued not only sick old Hillary Clinton, but the Boeing jets in flying round the clock for slushies and vacations.

There used to be a phrase about "burning the wheels off a car" when speaking about teenagers, sadly the reality is Barack Obama made history in burning out two indestructible jets.

Yes two jets which could not be destroyed by nuclear attack, yet they could not survive Birther Obama.

I wonder if the White House needs replacing now too.

Of course hauling that big ass around I am surprised those jets survived past the first flight.

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