Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lame Cherry Real News

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I could not agree more in Mockingbird listing all of the Fake News Websites, as what is better than to make a list with links that people can click on and be exposed to more information which is burying the Molotov Media.

I guess when you are a popular girl, and receive personal visits from Homeland Security, that the Lame Cherry can not be listed as a fake news site, when the regime takes what is here so serious.

So I would recommend to those sites listed below, and people like Ron Paul and that fella over at Zero Hedge, instead of complaining about being fake, that they just need to get interviewed by Homeland Security.
I can not promise though that you will have two hunky movie actor types like Matthew Goode and Yul Brynner, as popular girls kind of have a lottery at Homeland in only the attractive people get to come out and interview attractive people, but I am sure Homeland being friendly would pose with some photos of you and your home, to provide to these fake news gestapo monitoring sites to prove that you too are so real that the regime verifies all you are doing.

What I do not understand in this, is Drudge posts all the sites screaming about fake news, so why is not the Washington Post fake news, when listed on fake new Drudge?

Of course all of this is about the success of alternative media smashing the question is, is this an intelligence operation promoting these sites really, and not smearing them?