Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Liver Face

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Why do children not have liver spots?

Why is Hillary Clinton covered with liver spots, fungus and plugged oil ducts?

Let us first explain that liver spots are not simply caused by the sun, but a manifestation of what the body is not capable of any longer.

The fact is liver spots are indeed caused by liver, heart and kidney problems, as much as the necessary hormones which delay aging. Put it this way so you understand this.

Say you have a fish bowl, and the filter is plugged and it is not working. Does the water stay clear or is the water covered with the rotting stench of pond scum?

Of course it is the latter.

So stating that Hillary Clinton's liver face is caused by the sun, is missing the point, in she would not have liver face, if her body functioned as it should, she would not be covered with acres of dead hide.

The Lame Cherry is going to take you through a simple diagnosis of the current coup plotter against President Donald Trump in the following symptoms.

Look at Hillary Clinton's eyes. They are red. She is experiencing irritation. This could be allergies or it could be she is drinking too much.

Here teeth? They are yellow and her gums are receding. Her body is under distress in cannibalizing itself.

The most troubling symptom, besides the obvious of her liver face, is her gums. Gums of  this color point to an anemic condition. She is either losing blood or her bone marrow is not producing enough replacement cells.

Once again we return to the liver face, which is the symptom of all of this, in Hillary Clinton's organs are no longer capable of renewing her, but also incapable of clearing away her decomposing body parts.

This is by her eyes, a tired sick old woman. She is having a slowed heart rate or has thyroid problems in she can not keep warm.

America was saved by God from having to bury this rotting woman in the next year, and saved from being buried by this old woman. There is no denying her condition. A few liver spots are normal, and in most cases are more mole related, and not dead acres of hide which Mrs. Clinton carries around.

Her hair is brittle and dry, which signifies she is not processing protein. We have witnessed her ghastly blood pooled hands which again points to heart problems, and the problems of clotting.

Mrs. Clinton should be attempting to survive and not attempting suicide in ruining herself, and ruining what is left of Bill Clinton's legacy, and if Chelsea Clinton has a future.
For some reason, Hillary Clinton has destroyed Chelsea in this last political recount scheme, as Jeb Bush destroyed his son's, Jorge's, future in being the poltroon he is.

Hillary Clinton should be making peace with her maker, as by her outward signs, she is not going to be in this world in the years ahead.