Thursday, November 10, 2016

Little Girl Hillary

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am trying to decide if I should go back to Lame Cherry concentrate, instead of providing a lilting phonetic cruise of entertainment of the mind. I am sort of still trying to understand that the Spirit in me in limitless in memory while the brain  sort of just runs the information through. Sort of interesting scientific study of writing around 2000 original short stories for this blog over 2 years. Interesting the volume which can be generated.

This is about Hillary Clinton though in forensic psychology which the Lame Cherry is of course the pioneer of.

It was interesting to me in the law of the jungle, the code of the plains, the way of the primate and the sign of the Hamrod.

For instance, after all of this piles of dead bodies, cackling about castrated Khadaffi, glaring at Donald Trump, and being just the she bitch of rage, that upon meeting a superior male in President Trump, Hillary Clinton resorted to holding onto a blonde little girl in her concession and then brought up a matronly tone telling little girls the lie that Hamrod did all this for little girls.
When she collapsed, her first choice was to hack germs at a little girl in hiding behind her too. Is a Hillary Clinton pattern.

Hillary Clinton has a few bits which can be focused on. At the DNC speech she wanted to show how cuddles she was by telling a story that a little girl bulled baby Hillary and Hillary's mum told Hamrod to go beat the curls out of that bully and stop hiding.

If one observes Hillary Clinton in emotional breakdown she is not a woman, but some 10 year old girl which she is emotionally fused at. Explains why she has tantrums. It is up to Hillary Clinton what she has haunting her belfry, but it does require noting that Mrs. Clinton hides when defeated behind little girls, because she is still a little girl.
Is a bit too macabre the rapist Hamrod enjoyed getting off for raping a little girl, in saying the little girl liked older males. It projects that something interesting happened to Hamrod in her curl stage and she is still nothing but a juvenile incapable of adult boundaries in "one does not do that as people get killed" understandings.

I am not here to treat Mrs. Clinton nor to expose her. I really do not care to write about her again, but these realities need to be posted so that American can heal past Hillary Clinton, as far too many females have glommed onto Hamrod in being not adult themselves, and Mrs. Clinton is not someone who belongs in charge of things as she is nothing but a little girl in an almost 70 year old body.
She can pull the trigger as in Waco, but she could not run a political campaign like Bill Clinton.