Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton Must Plead Guilty

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There is a reality that George W. Bush failed America in 2000 in not indicting the Clintons, as this would have saved Hillary Clinton and America all of this 2016 problems, and kicking the ball to the demise of Democrats.
In understanding this failure by the Bush fam in embracing Clinton criminality and not supporting Donald Trump for Jorge Bush's political rise, all of this must be rectified by the adults.

In this, it simply must be understood for the good of Senator Charles Schumer and the Democratic Party to put the Clinton crimes behind them, is that Hillary Clinton must plead guilty.

Guilty to what? The Justice Department can be quite creative as they railroaded the Bundy's in Oregon, so Misuse of Public Trust, sounds like something Mrs. Clinton could plead to in multiple counts, to man up to her treachery, and in the "fairness of America", by doing this begin her Nixon rehabilitation. That is what is wrong with the Clinton's of the 1990's in Bill Clinton and his press thought it was cute, in feigning clever crimes even with penalties, instead of just saying he was a bastard, take the time and move on.

Here is how it would work. Hamrod is charged and pleads out. She apologizes for being what she is, drunk with lust and playing in a league where smarter people with agendas got her to do things which were not very smart.
The Judge sentences her to probation, as something like Franklin Graham leads a board which Justice puts the Clinton Foundation into a public trust, now called America Trust, and they hand out money, while Bill and Hillary Clinton are exiled for 10 years with Chelsea to do Jimmy Carter things in Haiti, Libya, Syria in handing things out to the poor....with the stipulation of no political involvement in America.

So let us review in this how this works:

Democrats led by Senator Chuck Schumer close the book on the Clintons criminals. Democrats are pleased as  they do not have Chelsea Part 2 to drive them to suicide and can then move onto other things not smelling of Watergate for all of their lives.

The Clinton's legacy is now is cheap crooks. They need rehabilitation, but have absolutely no associations which will help as the Bush fam legacy is low energy which no one wants. Let Bill and Hillary be Herbert Hoover types in feeding starving children, in really doing it, instead of sexing children.
Let Franklin Graham hold the money and Hillary can be plantation manager feeding hungry children.

A message of law and order is required in the Trump Administration. Exiling the Clinton's deals with the necessity of the American mob requiring blood. Let it be Hamrod's sweat and the Clinton's with the cartel can offer up some Scotter Libby types. Figure pleading out on something like this:

Doug Band: 7 years for taking advantage of Bill Clinton
John Podesta: 5 years for taking advantage of Hillary Clinton
Anthony Wiener: 2 years for marrying Huma
Huma Wiener: 6 months for marrying Hillary

Probably call it mishandling classified materials.

The oligarchs get away to their train sets, and lose a few billion as a lesson.

Americans get to have their pound of flesh and build upon the illusion of being better than the rest of the world in kindness......and all the virginal women who thought Hamrod was their goddess are released from the spell of "first woman" (never mind that 44 men and 1 Obama already were President) and can transfer their pussy dreams onto Elizabeth Warren, as scammed Bernie voters settle down from psycho to off balance.

So that is how the adults would settle this. Hillary Clinton pleads guilty and Hillary Clinton actually wins at something in her life....and with any luck, Bill and Hillary will die of disease in a few months, surrounded by weeping children, and eulogized by President Donald Trump in how lives can be turned around.

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