Thursday, November 17, 2016

Los Bandito

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This needs to be understood, including those in the Trump Administration, concerning the forensic psychology of the Obama invaders.

On my observations, on Wednesday November 9, after the Trump victory, all of the illegals had disappeared from the streets.

As of today, there was one lobo Mexican on November 16th, strutting through a store and looking women over like a fucking rapist, as  this hombre had an attitude of defiance.

So you understand this, and every person does. The peon which is most of the Obama invaders, whether Ethiopian, Syrian or Mexican, are a timid lot, unless in groups, and they will hide and flee. What will remain are the bandito, the overt criminal thug after the round up, who looks with contempt on American laws, American people and has in sociopathic psychopathy implements a murderous defiance.

This was brought out in Atlanta at a bar, where an American was murdered by Latin on the street, for voting for Donald Trump, and mentioning deportation as a joke.

The Mexican and Muslim who hides and cowers is not the problem. Simply know and understand that every Mexican and Muslim Obama invader which you have seen since November 9th are the ones who are going to be the problem for your community and the absolute threat to US Law Enforcement.

These are the genetic rogues, who are predators. Reason would have them already returning to their foreign homelands, instead they are like the jaguar eating the gauchos cattle, as the predator has taken possession of the community.

The Trump Administration, Law Enforcement and every single one of you has to be aware from this point on, that this is the threat which is challenging American Law and is looking to confront not just the lone American, but the entire weight of the Federal Government.
These are wolves on the American kill, and by their presentation they are going to eat the hand that fed them.

This is an understanding the Trump monitors have to make note of, and the person placed in charge of this must adjust to this in apprehending these types first, and every Law Enforcement Officer from Homeland to the Local Police has to understand that this is a Darwin mutant who when confronted is going to not submit to Law Enforcement, but like the bandit on the streets of Atlanta, murder that Law Enforcement Officer.

If I am going to be stuck plugging these holes, then the transition team and Trump monitors had better be paying attention, as they are being alerted to what the problem is, and it is malevolently in plain sight, glaring you down.

Do not make the mistake this is tattoo gangsters, but is the invader holding an American job, who will not come to terms that his invasion is stopped, and in fury will unleash on Americans or American Law Enforcement.

Their being on the streets, presenting with arrogance is a direct FU to American Law Enforcement.

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