Thursday, November 17, 2016

President Trump Where's Your Beef

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I did not have time to explain all of this, but put the links up concerning how this Obama regime was destroying the American cowboy and how all of this goes into the blood letting of the Molotov Mob Media, attacking President Donald Trump for taking his family out for steaks.

Let me explain this as none of you children or brats understand any of this as you are absorbed in other things.

What if I were to tell you that 1/3rd of your paycheck was going to disappear next year. Would you be happy about this?

That is what happened to the American beef producers this past year. See there are the fewest numbers of beef cattle in America in history. From Oprah's lie about mad cow (that was dairy cattle not beef) to the reality that the globalists have been conducting a land grab in America to get ranchers off their lands (Bundy's for example), the American rancher has been driven in process to bankruptcy.

Most of you do not know that a great deal of beef in America comes from Canada in boxed beef. You simply know that beef is expensive. I checked hamburger today at $3.49 a pound. I know that all of you think the ranchers are really gouging you........but wait until you learn the reality that American ranchers are paid around 1.20 a pound for their beef.

For the record, American beef as of last year was around 1.90 a pound, but something happened this year which all of you are oblivous to, and that is image Obama opened the flood gates of Brazilian beef which is cheap, to allow them to dump their diseased products into America...........but guess what happened? Hamburger went up another 25 cents a pound as American beef producers lost 1/3rd of their paycheck in 10 months.

That is what this is all about in the Obama commodity speculators. They have crashed Republican voting beef producers, and have allowed these conglomerates to speculate into cheap diseased South American beef.
So you get this, and you need to get this, South America is HOT. They can not condition beef, nor raise Angus or Hereford breeds which are good beef. Instead they have these jungle cattle, which are allowed to have cancerous pesticides and injected with things that Americans are banned from using, and just like catfish out of Vietnam it is ruining the American meat industry.

So the media wants to light a fire concerning Donald Trump eating steak. I welcome this as it allows the Lame Cherry to expose all of this criminal corruption, as the Obama cronies are exploiting Latins in South America and economically raping Americans, as their Brazilian poison, diseased, wormy beef gets ground up in Obama donating conglomerates who are dumping this toxic product onto fast food and American dinner tables.

President Donald Trump has no one who understands any of this issue, nor cares. That is not Mr. Trump's fault as the menace of Obama permeates every facet of American life. What needs to be done is to ban all of this foreign poison, and again create an economy where American ranching is a product that is a stable profit, not for speculation and not another George Soros or Hillary Clinton Foundation Land Grab.

That is the reality of what the Molotov Mob Media has opened up, and I intend to open their arteries up to bleed out, in exposing more of the Obama crimes against Americans.

I do hope that someone in the Trump monitors makes a note of this, and that someone is appointed to deal with this, like American catfish, and the myriad of other renewable resources produced by Americans which are a safe and quality product, now being destroyed by Vietnamese, Chinese or South American toxic waste.

As the moron media wants to pick these fights, it is more than welcome as the backfires of Truth will  be lit exposing all of their oligarch owner crimes.

We have to protect American family agriculture by shutting these poison products out and supporting through production the American meat production which is a safe product.

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