Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Loudly Reminding Mr. Trump through a deafened Priebus / Conway Ear


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I understand the frustration of people thinking that President Donald Trump will let Mrs. Clinton skate for her crimes, but if people would just slow down and listen to what President Trump is saying, and not Reince Priebus, we can be assured of things the Lame Cherry informed you of exclusively.

Namely there was a DEAL worked out on election eve, so America would not be torn to shreds by the Clinton terrorists if Hillary conceded.

It's Official - Donald Trump Reverses His
Pledge To America & Let's Hillary Skate

Once Again, The Incoming US President Refuses To Hold Their Predecessor Accountable For High Crimes And Treasons Against The American People In Which Hundreds Of Millions - Or Billions - Are Involved Along With The Deaths Of Uncounted Numbers Of Human Beings - The Clintons Lied And People Died - Bush Let The Clintons Skate, Obama Did It For Bush, Now Trump Does The Same For Hillary Clinton - What Is The Message To The American People? One Can Only Imagine How Threats FromThe Global Elite Are Likely Involved - Therefore All Americans Guilty Of Criminal, Treasonous Acts, Gross Financial Crimes And Felonies Should Be Treated The Very Same As Hillary Clinton…Who Has Been Proven To Be, Yet Again, Above All Laws And Answerable To No One

Trumps Does A 180 - Will Let Criminal Hillary Skate
What Kind Of Backroom Threats Or Deals Were Made?

Now that this is understood, we must remember that the FBI regional offices still have at least 4 active investigations taking place against the Clinton Foundation. Mr. Trump does not have to appoint a special prosecutor, as the plain old Justice Prosecutors will do just fine, which again are people who Mr. Trump will be appointing to enforce the law.

Mr. Trump is interested in the big agenda through Congress to not have the Supreme Court, Obamacare and Invasion sidelined in a fight over sick old Hillary Clinton.
For those who do not comprehend this yet, David John Oates found in a reversal that Mr. Trump was not interested in going after the sick wolf, that was Hillary Clinton.

Put it this way for those who are not projecting this out, what happens if President Trump appoints a Special Prosecutor and this old hag goes tits up? Who is going to be smeared in the press  and blamed for killing this old woman who is dying? Yes of course it will be Donald Trump, and will be the war cry for every day, crippling all Mr. Trump was voted for by all of you to accomplish.

I again tell you, unless YOU HEAR IT FROM DONALD TRUMP, not Reince Priebus on invading Muslims or Mike Pence, or Paul Ryan or some lying MSM, nothing has changed as President Trump fully understands his responsibility, and Kellyanne Conway does not speak for Donald Trump in waving off issues as campaign rhetoric.

Provide Mr. Trump time to have things survey this and understand it more completely and then we will see what his actions really are, beyond the art of the deal. The Lame Cherry has been cast aside by this kutieklusterfrick that has hijacked the Trump Administration, but all things even out in God's time, as God does not give His Glory to another.

Just keep on the main objectives of Supreme Court, Obamacare, Taxes and Invasion. Let us get the economy going and in this time we  can become louder as voices to be heard in reminding this group of Who is in charge.

We will remind them loudly, very loudly.