Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Respectfully President Trump, get your shit together


 Oh Lookie here, 3 of the Dozen Glory Whores who think they are President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not know if the Trump monitors are still data mining the internet, in if this will reach those eyes of those employees who were stealing content from this blog and passing it along to Mr. Trump as their Inspired insights to look good in his eyes, but this will be in public a reminder to Mr. Trump a few of the facts of life.

If it is a revelation to you, the Alt Right and Rense group have now gone volcanic, due to the statements coming out of your transition being assigned to you. If you want the bottom of your Administration pulled out before it has begun, you alienate this group in the HW Bush of telling them as HW did to Christians to "shut up and go home", that they will remove your mandate and leave you to the Rat Ryan wolves to be led around like a chimp on a leash.

I will make note of something Mr. Trump, in I AM NOT BEING PAID FOR THIS, like your six figure glory whores who have dug this hole for you, as they are spending more time measuring White House curtains than doing their blessed job. I intend in this firewall of this post to gain you some time, in the hopes of setting your Administration on track, and if you ignore this, then you will learn the hard way in defeat upon defeat, as God does not suffer fools.

Example Sir, you go out and tweet in defense of Mike Pence over that hole he dug for you at Hamilton. Odd how every one of the people who God worked through to get you elected do not have 1000 dollars for a fag theater ticket and are worn out and in bed, but Mike Pence can prance around in New York, as he is not working hard enough as transition leader.
Then Mr. Pence, after your defense, goes out and informs the world that he likes being booed and cucked.

Get the point Mr. President, that Mike Pence is for Mike Pence. He ousted Chris Christie and his cronies for Kushner and and Koch cronies.

Example Sir, do not think that throwing three bones of CIA, DOD and AG to your voters is going to appease them, so Reince Priebus can go out and tell the world that you are not going to deport people, and as you inform the world you are not going after Hillary Clinton.

This blog warned you of this in not making the "read my lips" mistake of HW Bush in no new taxes. Every person voted for you expecting you were going to deal with Hillary Clinton and follow through on every promise you made. You expose yourself as a liar as HW did, and the liberals will crucify you with it, and the honest voters will not be there to defend you or vote for you.

Example Sir, when did Reince Priebus become President? When did Kellyanne Conway become President? Please find out when Steve Bannon stopped crafting messages like the rest of your staff, so that what is being broad smeared to the electorate is a non stop bastardization of every thing you said.
Get your shit together Sir, and put that Miller kid in charge of statements which are all drafted, and tell the rest of these glory whores to get their asses to work, as millions of Americans put their lives on the line in trusting you.

Now to assist you Sir, before this Thanksgiving turns into Turn on Trump Wednesday, here are the statements for Mr. Miller.

What do you intend to do with Hillary Clinton?

The Executive branch is led by the President. The President has a duty to not politicize any investigation carried out by law enforcement. Therefore, the President has entrusted Attorney General Jeff Sessions to review the five investigations the FBI is conducting into this issue, and the Attorney General will make his decision based upon the recommendations of the FBI in their different offices.
There will not be a need for a Special Prosecutor, as the Justice Department Prosecutors are capable with Grand Juries to decide upon the evidence.
For Justice to be served to all Americans, including Mrs. Clinton, the President will not become involved in this criminal investigation.

What about Obamacare?

The President is working jointly with Congress, in both sides of the aisle, to deal with the failings of the cost overruns being inflicted upon Americans in Obamacare price spikes. We stand firm on the protection of the poor to receive healthcare in a Medicaide type extension for those who want to continue with Obamacare, while those who want an open market choice, we will open insurance company competition across state lines in order to provide the packages tailored to specific needs.
Furthermore the Administration will enact health savings accounts for the free choice of Americans who choose that venue, and for those who do not want to be a part of any system, we are not going to force nor tax those which is against the majority of the American public's will.
Healthcare is a personal choice. It will not be mandated nor forced on the public. It will be offered in coverage for the best outcome for all Americans, including those with pre existing conditions and making certain that the millions of illegals bilking the system, that Americans come first and not last.

What about the Supreme Court?

The President has released a list of Conservative Justices to fill Justice Scalias place on the Court. We will ensure to honor the memory of this great Justice, that an equally brilliant mind is in that seat on the Court. Our choice confirmed by the Senate will be one which protects American Rights and upholds the United States Constitution.

What you have surrounding you now Mr. President is a group of glory whores who are taking credit from God and after others did 3/4's of the work to have you President, they are now stabbing each other in the back to steal power from you.

The public is noticing that many people who were integral at key moments in this campaign have been cast aside by your current insiders as being unfit, when they were ok for a dance when you needed the spotlight they brought.

Mr. President, this past week, you have had people talking, instead of working, and they all have let you down, and Mike Pence disagreed again with you in public, as Reince Priebus thinks he is President, Kellyanne Conway can not stop appearing on television, and Steve Bannon is too busy living in the future to handle the crisis which your staff has fomented and is boiling up at your feet.

You are being let down Mr. President. That matters to me, because it matters to God, Who has been by His Holy Ghost directing me to a reading of "God will not give His Glory to another". You have around you now a House of David, in the children are all plotting against each other and against you.
This matters to me, because I had four stated goals:

  1. Defeating Jeb Bush
  2. Defeating Hillary Clinton
  3. Making Donald Trump God's implement as President
  4. Saving the Christians east and west from mass martyrdom by a Putin Trump protective cover.

By God, The Lame Cherry has accomplished the three most impossible tasks completely, and few reading this blog ever appreciated my saving their lives, no more than the arrogant ignorant glory whores who surround you now can even comprehend what God accomplished through this blog.

Get your shit together Mr. President, as you are being let down and betrayed by those not doing their job who surround you. They have brought you to the HW disaster of being known as a liar, by design, to condemn you with your own words.

Now who else has warned  you?

Post Scipt: On Tuesday afternoon, the New York Times maneuvered Mr. Trump into a defense of Steve Bannon, and in the process Mr. Trump concluded that it was now politically opportune to kick the Alt Right to the curb, a group that son in law Kushner is taking credit for in their success by his Alamo Project.

Perhaps Mr. Bannon should stop being a girl and get to work crafting statements for Mr. Trump, which does not have Mr. Trump chipping off his internet media defense, leaving him exposed the backstabbers he has hired.

"If I thought he was a racist or Alt-Right or any of the things, the terms we could use, I wouldn't even think about hiring him," Trump told The New York Times Tuesday afternoon. "I think it's very hard on him. I think he's having a hard time with it. Because it's not him," he said.

And it keeps getting better as by not having an effective response and for some unnecessary reason, Mr. Trump allowing in the New York Times and mentioning the Alt Right, now immersed himself into the entire Soros violence.....and oh look, it now just went Jewish mafia Kushner advocating to bash in the brains of Americans with baseball bats.

Perhaps knowing it wasn’t such a good idea to advocate openly for serious violence against Spencer in a public format, Hirsh deleted the post, but not before TheDCNF grabbed a screenshot.
Hirsh's Deleted Post
A now-deleted Facebook post by Michael Hirsh urging violence against Richard Spencer. (Screengrab/Facebook).
Hirsh’s mention of Bund meetings is a reference to the German-American Bund, a Nazi organization in the United States active in the mid-to-late 1930s, which promoted National Socialist ideology and was often subject to violent attacks by Jewish mobsters in New York City and Newark, New Jersey, using baseball bats.

I repeat, is anyone working in the Trump Transition Team as no one is protecting the mandate that the American People VOTED FOR!!!!!!!

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