Friday, November 18, 2016

More Clinton Terrorism Aided by the Obama Regime

Severe wildfires spreading across the Southeast US

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For some reason Matt Drudge and all the media is covering this up, that a group of terrorists, no doubt coordinated with the Clinton campaign and funding apparatus has been unleashed to burn down the American Southeast, as while fires have been burning in this area most of the summer due to drought, the entire region went arson after Hillary Clinton did not steal this election.

The US Forest Service reported 59 active wildfires in the Southeast, 14 of which broke out on November 10.

This is an eyewitness quote of her experience.

I am in Tennessee, in the Clinch Mountains, and we have had these fires for a couple of weeks now. I opened the door this morning and thought our whole valley was on fire, because the smoke was so thick. Sadly, most of these fires are started by arsonists. Yesterday, a Kentucky volunteer firefighter died, and an elementary school in Tennessee had to be evacuated as the flames were getting near.

Our election process was affected as fires broke out just before and during the presidential election. For those of us living in these extremely dry times in the Appalachian Mountains, it is quite frightening to think that all could be lost through the actions of someone who has such unhappiness. We are all praying for rain to come and for the people who choose arson as a weapon to shift towards loving the earth instead of burning it. Thank you so much for posting this article so that others can feel that their voices are heard.

Frankly, for the good of wildlife, America should burn down most of it's forestry as it gets in the way of habitat, and burns the poison out of all those bad bugs and diseased brush.

Just another fine example of Obama Clinton Soros terrorists and no one is investigating........but no doubt Trump voters are still having all of their communications all being monitored by the NSA and FBI.
This is probably some gonzo lezbos as they have no one else to terrorize in bakeries.