Friday, November 18, 2016

Leslie Stahl Tells Donald Trump to Fuck Off

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates discovered that 60 Minutes actually slowed Donald Trump's voice feed 15%, so it sounded lower, sinister and not Mr. Trump.

(I will repeat that Mr. Trump MUST HAVE an adviser who ends these media smears on Mr. Trump and Jeff Sessions as AG files criminal charges against these criminal media events. Do not forget the "orange" Donald Trump, and then the turning up Mr. Trump's mic so you could hear him breathing through his nose.)  

Donald Trump

Being restrained on Twitter - Do you find your mission

Surprised to hear racial slurs - You see power

I want to focus on jobs not Hillary - Her sick wolf I don't want it (Hillary is sick and will probably die from the investigation and Mr. Trump doe not want the problem.)

No comment on James Comey - I paid helps detect allah (going after terrorists)

Talk to Comey - They have now fucked this.

Congratulations - No one chose this.

The press creates havoc - See the dove we gathered  

We said terrible things. - God Bless you 

Roads bridges tunnels - You're radical

Eric Trump
Hugging each other - We serve the law but first and the markets sow it up.

Ivanka Trump

The experience of her father as President - But I freak now

Leslie Stahl

Speaking to Mr. Trump - Fuck off

Hillary Clinton

Her running - I have the sin.

Congratulating the young people - Be honest

Stories of young people - Oh be quiet (She has done this before in doing heart jerking stories and she does not care, so her mind is telling her to shut up.)

2 million children - Hillary you're bullshit

In every country - I'm not giving up

We need you - Seen the crime regime (Obama and her regime)

Children's health insurance - Your bullshit

image Obama at White House meeting with President Trump

We will help you - Oh I'm evil (Help Mr. Trump, but is plotting to do evil.)

George Soros

Forthcoming elections - We fought Russia with a knife

Tremendous responsibility - and I assault you and moneys are offered

Better world order - An order

experiment introducing democracy - It's a government secret meeting

problems on globalization - stay calm global 

taxes on global goods - give up global government (Give up the money to make it happen)

all the countries -  Effort we must seize the battle