Saturday, November 26, 2016

Now Hillary Clinton has joined the coup against Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Presently President Donald Trump, you have now been effectively isolated from God Who gave you this victory and your only voices who were protecting you, all by design by who you now have placed into power.

Let us assess this:

As you are playing President, the Neocoms, and they are in your Trump Trans, have not only isolated you, by maneuvering you to offend and disavow your supporters, but now have effectively placed you at the mercy of Big Koch.

What will now follow is the weakening and degradation of the victory God gave you, for His sake, because you forgot God, and did not promote His children to the Government. Now you have a regime building Mr. Trump, where Paul Ryan will put you on his leash, as there will be an electoral college drama, as much as recounts contesting and legitimizing you. The end  result is Paul Ryan and Mike Pence have already worked out a deal, where they will rule and you had better behave or you will be impeached.

Your enemies are going  to make you beg Mr. President, and do not think that your liberal loving children, who have  taken part in the coups to gain power, are going to be immune when these forces seek retribution.

Yes Mr. President, you did not want to keep your promise in crushing Mrs. Clinton, and now Hamrod is back with a fury, as she intends to cut your scrotum off as that is what liberals do. You were warned of all of this, but your little monitors who were stealing web content and web success as their own, never informed you who the Inspired source was. Now you are walking blindfolded by the edge, and you are being told to trust the directions of your inner circle.

You are in the abyss now Sir, by your trusting those who you should not have, and they now have you penned in. You have one chance and that is to assemble your own security force to purge to the last enemy all of your enemies, by use of the Peoples Courts. Otherwise you are going to be blackmailed to be Jeb Bush and your children are going to be made examples of as the neocons take no prisoners.

Would it not be unique Sir, if you enter your office one day, and there sits Jeb Bush in your chair, and he informs you of a deal, that you get to pick which one of your children go to jail, or you all go to prison.........and when you phone out for help, you get hung up on.