Saturday, November 26, 2016

Trump Trans

Jared Kushner and his Beautiful Observations
Trump's most influential advisor, his son-in Law Jared Kushner, has donated mostly to Democrats since 2000

Per Glenn Greenwald:

Jared Kushner's contributions since 2000: Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, DSCC, Jon Corzine, Cory Booker, Chris Hughes' husband, Giuliani

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Viking was offering this today.

Dearest Sisters,
Why are they fucking with me in trying to donate to you? I click donate with Paypal, and it wiggles back and forth and does nothing, and I click donate with a card, and it wiggles back and forth and does nothing. Can you please call out the avenging Angels to propitiate this transaction?
Nuff said.

I would offer that in all government overthrows, that the clever computer financiers who get their hands on the control sticks, have to go through and adjustment where they have a need to adjust, as for some reason petty dictators, just do not understand that Americans do not like Obama hacks any more than they like Pence hacks or Kurschner hacks, as they are all the same anti American, nefarious trolls.

It is like this in the Obama folks thought that messing with a poor girl, that they there would not be consequences from God. There will be like lessons learned in the Trans who really think they pulled a fast one on the dim wits who voted for Trump in thinking they could  throw them Obama moderates in the first picks, and then load up with Pence Big Koch and Kurschner fur balls, and all the Christians and Conservatives would say AMEN, at being cut out of the Government again, because after all why would we not love, love, love the Mormon Romney who tried to defeat Donald Trump as part of the asstard posse of Jeb Bush and get Hillary Clinton elected.

I suspect as in all things that the fur ball mafia is not pleased in having their treachery to President Trump exposed, as all of this begins to be a problem for manipulators who are so smug in thinking they are the brightest codex in the room.

See, that is always the problem in these trolls, in they always think handing out a few tit sucks to a Sessions that this is supposed to fool everyone as it did with George W. Bush and Karl Rove. They mistake polite for stupid, and have mistaken that a few bones tossed at Christians is going to have us all enjoy being led to the slaughter.
What should have taken place were nice doily sets for ....well Ann Coulter, Gateway and a popular girl, as we all enjoy girly things........I prefer my doily with a case of 200 year old cognac, topped off with a matched set of a Colt 45 and 45 ACP, along with all the other low rungs on the ladder, and then they shut up.

President Donald Trump has been led to his defeat by those he trusts, because he has now alienated his base, and Mr. Trump is not going to realize it until he is blackmailed the first time, and Paul Ryan puts a leash on his neck.

Do not make a mistake in this my children, in Donald Trump is trustworthy, but he has not seized the political machinery I warned him the Trump monitors who stole things from this blog did not tell Mr. Trump the source, and now they are out, and this caste of Pence and Kurschner are allowing the Neocons to regain control in this Romney shit, away from the Obama shit which has been terrorizing Americans for 8 years.

I have a warning for all who bitched about Dick Cheney. These are not Dick Cheney's people who protected Americans and did not misuse the system. All we have done is traded one uncivil service for another uncivil service which hates all of you. It is why I was busy trying to move this ahead to gain the machinery of government to keep it from becoming the same old police state, protecting another group of Big Koch tyrants.

So until these pissy brats find out that their superiors will initiate consequences for causing troubles for Americans that start becoming public knowledge, the same small people who have shitty existences will dick around in the machinery causing problems for all of us again, until it gets sorted.
The only thing which is going to save us is when Charles Schumer gets greenlighted to check the Trump Trans, when a sufficient deal is not worked out. They might be appeased devouring Sarah Palin for a posting, but I suspect that you will hear rumors, as Pence and Kurschner do not mix. Both can not rule, and when that backstabbing starts, it will keep the trolls busy.