Monday, November 28, 2016

Ohio Terrorism, but Trump Trans focuses on smearing Kellyanne Conway

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After the Ohio Terror Rampage, couched in John Kasich and Tim Ryan rhetoric against Donald Trump, perhaps whoever is planting smear stories about Kellyanne Conway in Mr. Trump being furious at her about going off on Mitt Romney and the Pence and Kurshnerlings all mystified why she did this...........

Police believe suspect was student at OSU, a Somali refugee...


Perhaps President Trump needs to get his shit together and fill all remaining spots with Conservative Christians, and FIRE that terror enabler Reince Priebus for coming out last week and stating that the Trump Administration is not deporting all of this terror sh*t.

Minnesota has 150,000 of these terrorists, and it is time that they all got loaded onto ships to their native lands, and Governor Mark Dayton, and everyone of these Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish charities who brought this terror into America for profit, be indicted on terrorism charges and face the full punishment of American Law.

Yes Mr. President, let's interview that cunt whore Patraeus instead in wasting more Romney time, as letting your Pence and Kurshner Big Koch surrogates break all of your promises and kick to the curb the God and the Christians who put you into winning the White House.




As President Donald Trump needs to be told things, it would be good to remind the President that he has a great deal of Electroral College, Soros Smears and Federal Investigations coming..........if you care to be foolish in trusting Paul Ryan, Jared Kurschner and Mike Pence, you will find yourself on a leash.
The Lame Cherry reminds you Mr. President, that you just try and be Jeb Bush and win your victories without your Conservative, Blue Collar and Alt Right base, and you will discover yourself indicted by Paul Ryan, and Mike Pence will be pardoning you like Richard Nixon.

Stop alienating the base and start listening to the adults who understand how to engage in this chess match.

Mr. President, you immediately need Pat Buchanan to handle ALL communications, with full authority to fire anyone who leaks. Mr. President, you need Laura Ingraham as your Press Secretary, and you need to get your ass chewed by Ann Coulter for a few hours every day to get your head out of Big Koch's ass.

Nuff said