Monday, November 28, 2016

John Kasich and Tim Ryan's Ohio Terror

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Police believe suspect was student at OSU, a Somali refugee...


Yes Obama terrorists, and Minnesota only has 150,000 of these Sharia Law 3rd world Obamites, but have great fear as Governor Mark Dayton has been promoting Muslim assembles in all schools, along with Keith Ellison, Mr. Muslim of the DNC.

The real terror lords in the OSU terror assault today were Governor John  Kasich attacking Donald Trump for months against the will of the people and Pelosi replacement Representative Tim Ryan in his caustic verbal terror assault on Mr . Trump's picks for his Cabinet.

Ohio Governor John Kasich tweeted Monday morning that his thoughts and prayers are with the college's community 

That is  what is behind all of this societal unrest as much as Hillary Clinton's Khan attacks at the DNC. It riles all of these unbalanced people up, and the net result with the media whorifying attacks  in France and other places, we now have a very astute terrorist at OSU.

The terrorist not only shot people, but knew to pull a fire alarm, where he then chased down people and ran them over, got out of his vehicle and then started hacking on them with a machete.
This terrorist has been busy reading up on all the Molotov Media terror stories, as he never missed a thing.

As not any information has been published by the press, we can conclude this is another Obama Muslim on rampage, because if the person was White, Christian and a Trump voter, we would know all about his NRA affiliation for listening to a Ted Nugent album.

The above photo makes it difficult to conclude, but the one hand does indeed look non White, and the chubby short form would fit this group of Obama Clinton Soros terrorists.

Again, Jeff Sessions  as Attorney General must unleash the US Attorney in Ohio to indict the terror lords in John Kasich and Tim Ryan, because their rhetoric has fed this murderous incident at OSU.

'active Shooter' On Ohio State Campus -

Active shooter situation on Ohio State University campus. WCMH. Another student told NBC News he heard gunfire from his dorm room. "I heard gunshots from my dorm, ...

Nuff Said

As I came across this on IBT, apparently American girls are in need of being told to not INFORM TERRORISTS where their exact location is, who they are, how many other girls are with them, post a picture of their light weight barricade, and leave the conclusion they have absolutely no means of defense.

I keep expressing how damn stupid people are, and I might as well stop, because they are just Darwin stupid.

Just to explain something to these half wits, criminals watch social media. Giving them your name, and location, can allow a terrorist to research your family, and use that information to get you to open doors or do things.
Nom de Deus, these primates are so in need  of validation that they will do anything for attention, including making others targets.......and it NEVER OCCURS TO THESE ASSTARDS!!!