Saturday, November 26, 2016

President Donald Trump Owes The Alt Right An Apology

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In the spirit of unity for America, and the much heralded tolerance of the New York Times, the reality is now a proven fact that President Donald Trump owes the Alt Right an apology, and furthermore, the law requires, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to open an investigation against the conspiracy by colluding parties to smear the Alt Right.

What this entails is at an Alt Right gathering, a Jewish male, who has since posted his version on his blog, somehow got next to entertainer Tela Tequila to sweep her away in the festivities of the rescue of Americans from genocide, threw up the Nazi salute.

I am not going to delve into who are MOG's and what is not. Because none of this matters in what was false flag or what was the media waiting around for an event to exploit, because the world if full of chronic bitchers and chronic liars.

What does matter are the following events and progression, because we know for certain like the Jeb Bush set up of Donald Trump in the little protest girl accusing Donald Trump of hating women, that the Molotov Media was waiting for this salute to make an issue of, and they did.

We also know on this exact day, that two events took place:

  1. Reince Priebus went out as President and said the Trump Administration was not deporting these invaders which is what Mr. Trump promised.
  2. Kellyanne Conway went out as President and said the Trump Administration was not prosecuting Hillary Clinton which is what Mr. Trump promised.

These last two decrees infuriated the Right Wing, from Ann Coulter, to Breitbart to Judicial Watch.

Now ask yourself the odds of coincidences. What is the coincidence that Donald Trump, who in a disavowal of the Alt Right, is wondering who in the world they are, as they never supported John McCain or Mitt Romney, as Mr. Trump wondered, "Where they came from......", in President Trump had no idea who these people were, and yet he was so very well informed of a Nazi salute, and ready to disavow this entire group to the New York Times.

Let us visit the Times for a moment, in an interview which was supposed to be off the record, and then cancelled, and then on the record and for some reason President Trump was summoned to them like a school boy, where on a day his two close aides are out destroying his ties with the American Right, the New York Times has set up an ambush to remove from Donald Trump his Alt Right internet firewall.

Now we know from recent turmoil, after Mike Pence and Jared Kurschner performed a coup, and got rid of Chris Christie in a real Krystalnacht of firing like 100 supporters, for their supporters, that there are now two groups in the Trump campaign. One who loves Mitt Romney who hates Donald Trump, and one who loves Rudy Guiliani who loves Rudy Guiliani. and in this group we have.....someone who allowed Donald Trump to be ambushed by the New York Times, and coordinated with all the media to smear the Alt Right in a Jewish led Nazi salute the media was prepared for, while Reince Priebus and Kellyanne Conway nuked the American Right to alienate them from Donald Trump.

The Alt Right was innocent in this, and it should be remembered we are lectured at non stop, that one Muslim does not speak for all Islam in violence, so why is it one Jewish boy somehow Nazi saluting is the entire Alt Right, and for some reason Donald Trump can screen Muslims, but the entire Alt Right is disavowed and banned from the Trump Tent.

The fact is, Donald Trump knows blessed well, who persuaded him in this interview. He knows who persuaded him in this Conway and Priebus display, and he knows but has not admitted it apparently to himself, that Jared Kurschner and Mike Pence are the ringleaders who have been performing a coup to centralize power, by removing loyalists and alienating President Trump from his power base, leaving Mr. Trump helpless and needing to rely on the GOPliters to keep him from impeachment.

 Jared Kurschner embraced by Trump hater Michael Moore

America has suffered through a number of coups, as the one Prescott Bush performed against John Kennedy, the one the Rockefellers and Kennedys performed against Richard Nixon, the one HW Bush performed against Ronald Reagan, the one HW Bush performed against Dan Quayle, the one Bill and Hillary Clinton performed against HW........I will stop there, because it sort of proves the point that coincidences are by design, and there has been a process to infiltrate the Trump inner circle, and the weak links were the children, and it was their art of the deal, that if Donald Trump could not be defeated, that Donald Trump's Administration would have his face, but be the body of Jeb Bush.

If you happen to notice in this, you have Kellyanne Conway who worked for Ted Cruz's Bush fam, you have Reince Priebus who works for Bush fam, you have a growing list of people who were Obama employees, and the top picks hate Donald Trump like Haley and Romney, and the Trumpkinder are pushing Harold Ford, a Clintonite they simply adore.

President Donald Trump has a leviathan encircling him as the above evidence proves. The Alt Right was not Mr. Trump's problem, except for the MOG's which infiltrated the movement. The Alt Right is innocent in this, but was damned in a smear operation.
The President owes the Alt Right an apology, but that would require Mr. Trump admitting that he has been manipulated by those closest to him, and once the crack opened, the Cassius conspirators are what is the Trump Trans, having completed the coup.

The President apparently has no idea that the day is coming when he will be summoned to Speaker Paul Ryan's office, and will be forced to beg to be saved from investigations, in return for passing the Paul Ryan, Big Koch, Mike Pence GOPliter agenda, as the Kurschner policy of that mafia is US foreign policy.

Kushner's father, Charles (right) was a major Democratic donor. He's pictured with Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg (left), Former President Bill Clinton (center), Bruce Schonbraun (second from right)

Kushner's father, Charles (right) was a major Democratic donor. He's pictured with Democrat Senator Frank Lautenberg (left), Former President Bill Clinton (center), Bruce Schonbraun (second from right)

There is not any getting Donald Trump out of this. Donald Trump is going to have to get himself out of it. It is though more than golf courses in his knowing how inadequate his children are,  as this is the Presidency and the screw ups, have him surrounded by the most treacherous coup plotters since Tiberius and Livia Drusilla.

Like God, I do not employ my services where they are not wanted.