Friday, November 25, 2016

Perhaps it is time for President Trump to Fire Trump Trans!!!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a legitimate question as a Christian Conservative, having only voted for real Republicans in who is the hell is General John Kelly?

Seriously in this, I have watched the victory which God raised His arm for, bastardized and pissed on territoriality, since November 8th. Let me be La'me in this and inform all of you, that when Mike Pence threw out all those lobbyists, all he and Kurschner did, was remove the competition, so they could install their interests without resistance. This was not some grande act of Patriotism. It was more filthy than what Chris Christie ever was accused of....and in that, Donald Trump knew blessed well that Christie had bridgegate, but let the coup begin and Christie gets the political stab in the back.

Now we have all of these peckerbrains being touted as Secretary of State. If you happen to keep count, NONE, of the early endorsers of Donald Trump have gotten jack or shit.
That light Gov of South Carolina got to be Governor, but no one else has appeared........and Ben Carson has only been allowed back in, because blacks are raising hell about being dumped off the bus too.

That is why this quote is so disgusting:

The dispute centers on whether Mr. Trump should select Mitt Romney or Rudolph W. Giuliani for the cabinet position. It remains possible, Mr. Trump’s advisers said, that the job could go to someone else, like Gen. John F. Kelly, a Marine who led the United States Southern Command under Mr. Obama.

Rival camps within Mr. Trump’s orbit have split over the decision, tracing many of the same battle lines that divided the Republican Party in its bitter struggle over Mr. Trump’s nomination.

Last time I checked, I did not vote for buttfucking Mitt Romney, nor did anyone else, so how the fucktard is there an entire subversive fucking Romney wing in the Trump Trans?????? This is the bastard who tried to get Hillary Clinton elected, and THERE IS A WING IN THE TRUMP TRANS WHO IS PROMOTING THIS PRICK?????

For that matter who the hell is John Kelly? For all I know, he is Obama backwash or a Hillary wet dream. This is all bullshit in people who never did on drop of sweat or suffered a thing, are getting put into prominent positions.

Rudy Guiliani belongs at Homeland and if he does not take that, he can take a hike.

Romney can go back to Mexico where he was born, and as far as General Kelly, I am not about to trust all of God's work and our suffering in this election to someone no one knows a blessed thing about.

So as Mr. Trump has refused counsel from the Lame Cherry in getting his shit together and fixing this, but is handing appointments over to Pence and Kurschner, so they can stick some lowtard to manipulate America into more wars, this time for Jews, we now have this mounting war reality of America is going to be manipulated against Russia, in a Israeli state cleansing of their problem of Religious Right Wing Jews and Muslims in a cropping war.

I did not sign up for this, and I do not condone any of this, especially when there is not ONE BLESSED CHRISTIAN IN ANY OF THE POSITIONS announced, and Christians are the reason for the Trump victory which God wrought.

Therefore the Lame Cherry calls upon President Donald Trump to FIRE his entire transition staff, for being traitors to the American voters, as we did not vote for any of this shit. I will not put the blessing of God on this subterfuge nor will the Lame Cherry condone any of this coup, as my tolerance ran out with George W. Bush in being manipulated an lied to.

John Lehman

Vice President Dan Quayle

Sarah  Palin (She should be at Interior)

Michele Bachmann

Bob Dornan

James Webb as Assistant Secretary of State as the ONLY Democrat bone allowed into any of this.

That is the list for Secretary of State and none of those mentioned by Trump Trans is acceptable to any American.

The disrespect of President Donald Trump for Christians is unacceptable, after he spoke of America being a Christian Nation, and having Christian Pastors lay their hands on him, and Evangelicals of all races bringing voters to the polls, are the reason Mr. Trump by God's Grace is at this point.
Mr. Trump has abandoned the obedience to God, and this is why he is having this election attempted to be stolen from him in the Electoral College and recounts. What was easy, is become hard, because President Trump has allowed this American Transition to be hijacked and bastardized.

Christians will be represented in majority and will not accept crumbs, as this is Christ's Throne at 1600 Penn and not these political prostitutes Mr. Trump is engaged with.

Do not expect God's Blessing to be put on something He has been removed from and do not expect Christian Americans to be lied to and manipulated again.

It is now not just Christian Americans in the White House for appointments they deserve, but the firing of this apostate Trump Trans team, which is subverting the entire 2016 Election results.

We did not fight 1776 to appoint goddamn King George's privy council as our Government.

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