Monday, November 14, 2016

Robert Rackstraw

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Now that enough of the information is out to make the discussion accepted as those are the rules, there has always been something which was interesting in the DB Cooper case............

For the children who do not know who DB Cooper is. Cooper is a legend of 1970's Americana, for hijacking a plane, getting ransom, and jumping out over the American northwest and disappearing.

Investigative Journalists now believe they know who Cooper was in Robert Rackstraw, who is one of the most interesting border men of America in living on the edge.

I am not going to delve into the case, as you can read the files here of the tracking of Mr. Rackstraw as it is fascinating reading how the FBI and law enforcement, along with numbers of others were certain that he was DB Cooper.

With everyone, including their mother knowing that Rackstraw was Cooper, then how was it, he has never been prosecuted, but was on other charges, which had him doing heists of military instillations which should have had the FBI all over him.

It all goes back to Vietnam where numbers of US Soldiers who were highly intelligent found their ways at times to being involved in CIA covert operations. That is what Rackstraw was involved in, and it explains a great deal like numerous infamous American characters who were CIA assets like Lee Harvey Oswald to Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama seemed to be above the law, when constantly in skirmishes with the FBI.

If Rackstraw was just a Vietnam fringe associate of the CIA, he would have been in prison. What captures the attention is the known heists that Rackstraw was believed responsible for..........just what was he involved with that is not known, and of that, how much of it was contract work for the CIA for "projects"?

This is what begins to make sense in the missing piece in this, in once in the CIA, always in the CIA, and a freelancer for the CIA always gets the "hands off" from the FBI, as putting people under oath might bring out interesting things like Mena Arkansas which the CIA with HW Bush had no business running company business in America.

Mr. Rackstraw had the ability, but had the association to be successful.

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