Monday, November 14, 2016

The Clinton Dead Pool

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It has reached the point with all of the Mockingbird propaganda concerning ANALGATE in what happened to Americans at Benghazi, that a readdressing of the time line must be constructed so that we are not all wowed by the Clinton Dead Pool.

For those who do not know what this is about, it is simple. George Soros wanted Libyan oil, so Barack Hussein Obama with Hillary Clinton murdered Colonel Khadaffi to get that oil. There were though "limitations" on murdering people and starting wars in US laws, so this entered a US arms dealer named Marc Turi from Arizona.

Turi contacted then US official Chris Stevens, who said he would pass along the "proposal". This proposal then appeared in Hillary Clinton's Wikileaks, in her telling staff to look into private arms dealers to arm the Soros Obama Clinton terrorists.

Turi exchanged emails in 2011 with then U.S. envoy to the Libyan opposition Chris Stevens. A day after the exchange about Turi’s State Department application to sell weapons, Clinton wrote on April 8, 2011 to aide Jake Sullivan, “fyi. the idea of using private security experts to arm the opposition should be considered.”

The fact remains in all of this, that Chris Stevens who was reporting to John McCain, KNEW of this entire operation, and the fact is while he was to be kidnapped, he was deliberately left to be murdered, because of what he knew.

He also e-mailed J. Christopher Stevens, then the special representative to the Libyan rebel alliance. The diplomat said he would “share” Mr. Turi’s proposal with colleagues in Washington, according to e-mails provided by Mr. Turi. Mr. Stevens, who became the United States ambassador to Libya, was one of the four Americans killed in the Benghazi attack on Sept. 11.

Turi was rejected by the regime first and then had this pushed through by Hamrod, after the weapons were shipped to Qatar to be laundered there to terrorists in Libya. Qatar having numbers of clients,  handed this massive weapon's shipment out to every terrorist.........and that is where the problems started as some people's terrorists were employed looting the Mideast for certain Americans and other terrorists were getting in the way of this. So Homeland was dispatched to arrest Marc Turi............who later had Loretta Lynch drop all charges against him, because the arms trail ran up Hillary Clinton's skirt.

This is the quote in all of this which pounds sand:

As Fox News has reported extensively, in 2011, the Obama administration with support from some Republican and Democratic lawmakers explored options to arm the so-called “Libyan rebels” during the chaotic Arab Spring but United Nations sanctions prohibited direct sales.

Ah now what Republican and Democrat lawmakers would that be? You already know if you were reading the Lame Cherry in here are three of them who were all against Donald Trump.

Every time I ponder about deleting the above photo, here comes another story requiring a reminder of who the culprits were.

And who were the Democrats in this money laundering? We know because for some idiot reason, Hillary Clinton put it up as a link on her campaign page.

FLASHBACK: Support For Libyan Intervention Was Widespread

FLASHBACK: Support For Libyan Intervention Was Widespread Support came from Democrats, ... 2011 - John McCain and Joe Lieberman: ...
 (If you need further explanation, Sherman Skolnick reported long ago that McCain and Lieberman were such good buddies, due to Indian Gaming, of the mafia getting into east coast and southwest Indian Reservation gaming operations.)

Oh wait, here is someone else involved in the arms trade in the Democrats.

Senate Democrats, GOP agree on Libya resolution - Yahoo

Senate Democrats, GOP agree on Libya ... Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, D-Mass., and Sen. John McCain, ... U.S. support for the NATO ...
Why yes it was none other than John Kerry, who happened to serve in Vietnam and is now chasing climate change at the South Pole. This is your axis of arms trade to terrorists. John McCain, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry (now Secretary of State) and Joe Lieberman who campaigned with Hillary Clinton in Florida.

You are looking at the syndicate who ran this for the globalists out of Congress with full support of Hillary Clinton and full cover by the Obama regime police state.

What Marc Turi became embroiled in was a gun runner operation, that exposed Obama regime crimes in 2012 elections and Clinton crony crimes in 2016. One reason he was gone after was certain individuals who might have had their daddy as CIA director once or who were setting up their own terror oil money laundering scheme for the GOP to use funds to wipe out Donald Trump, might have decided that prosecuting a guy who was selling Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama terrorists weapons, might just get Hillary Clinton defeated.
Problem is that AG Loretta Lynch and FIB Director James Comey were dropping charges faster than indictments could come.

Some (weapons) may have went out under control that we had with our personnel over there and the others went to these militia. That’s how they lost control over it,” Turi said. “I can assure you that these operations did take place and those weapons did go in different directions.”

I really do not care if this Eric Bravermean or Marc Turi are dead. It is like worrying about someone doing shots of cyanide at the bar. When you get involved in arms deals in which factions of the cartel are feuding over oil shares and the Muslims are using your guns to buy favors so the sultans do not end up carved into pieces, you are a Darwin candidate for not having the sense to make your money in less hazardous ways.

Just so you do not miss this, Marc Turi stated he was running 200 million dollars in weapons into Qatar. Marc Turi did not have that kind of money, so that money was coming from some place, as in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew where the funding was coming for their terrorists...........exactly like Iran Contra of weapon sales were funding wars in circumventing United States laws........

See what happens when you get caught between rival factions and someone trying a hail jebby muddies the situation up just a bit.

Anyway this is what American foreign policy looks like when the oligarchs are selling it for their control over swathes of real estate.

Mr. Turi’s application for a license was rejected in late March 2011. Undeterred, he applied again, this time stating only that he planned to ship arms worth more than $200 million to Qatar. In May 2011, his application was approved. Mr. Turi, in an interview, said that his intent was to get weapons to Qatar and that what “the U.S. government and Qatar allowed from there was between them.”
Two months later, though, his home near Phoenix was raided by agents from the Department of Homeland Security. Administration officials say he remains under investigation in connection with his arms dealings. The Justice Department would not comment.
Mr. Turi said he believed that United States officials had shut down his proposed arms pipeline because he was getting in the way of the Obama administration’s dealings with Qatar. The Qataris, he complained, imposed no controls on who got the weapons. “They just handed them out like candy,” he said.

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