Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Some Lame Cherry Rules For The Road

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Apparently I am acting as Press Secretary for the Trump Transition as liaison to the voters as numbers of you are jumpy, edgy and forgetting that the press lies to you.

Here is a simply scorecard for you to follow.

If there are stories about Mr. Trump in CNN and ABC, those are if I need to remind you, Bush and Clinton outlets, who are CIA they are mind fucking with you.

If there are stories from "leakers", and appearing on Mitt Romney's Daily Caller, this is Mike Pence, as Mr. Trump never had any problems with information leaking out, until Mike Pence replaced Chris Christie.
The prayerful Pence must have neglected the Thou shalt not gossip commandment.

If there is a story in the media, it will be promoting the Paul Ryan GOPliters and cutting Mr. Trump off at the knees.

Now in knowing all of that, get your head's out of your asses, and stop reposting this shit to Facebook and Twitter, spreading the toxin. Unless you hear it directly from Donald Trump's lips, and not an interpretation about the Wall, Obamacare, who is appointed, from some source or in the media, you are not getting the whole story of what is really taking place.

So unless you hear it directly from President Donald Trump, consider it a lie or something from Mike Pence to promote his coup against Donald Trump.

Probably read this a few times so it sinks it, or you are going to be off the rock again and reposting more shit to assist in your demise.

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