Wednesday, November 16, 2016

When Election Night Fell on Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

By actions, the Clinton campaign knew they were going down to defeat a week out from the election. The reality set in when they cancelled the fireworks in New York days before November 8th, in order to avoid humiliation.

There is though the spin machine which lies, that keeps telling you the things you want to hear, because you paid the pollsters and because the people you are paying do not want to admit they were a disaster in not making Americans believe you are not the heinous she devil you are.

The Clinton people on staff never believed in Hamrod. She was their ticket to the next level. Most secretly believed she was an idiot.

You can term this the Clinton Psychosis, but it affected all of the campaign, the DNC and the GOPliters like Bill Krystol, who simply could not believe that someone as powerful and inside as Hillary Clinton could ever lose an election.

For the most part, the Clinton campaign was aloof and antagonized the DNC who along with state leadership were not happy campers for months. They put up with the ruse of Hillary the President as she was the horse they were told to ride.

On election eve, everything that Hillary Clinton had promised global murderers to donate the Foundation, and all of the fake polls collided. It can best be summed up in how Bill Krystol began the night in being smug of a Hillary victory in conning himself to believing the polls, and by 9 o'clock that night being hit in the face with the reality that Donald Trump was winning, as it dawned on the entire media network that their psyops did not work on the American People.

It was around this time that a series of events began to send shockwaves through the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Their vote fraud and illegal voters, had promised them in Virginia a 10 point win. Virginia was reporting 5 points, and eventually almost went dead even, but by then new worries had taken place, because the insiders knew if that crook Terry Macaullif could not deliver that state, then there was going to be supreme trouble in swing states.

Florida next phoned home, with a distress call in their vote fraud in Miami Dade was immense, but the problem was the Trump voters were turning out in immense numbers in the panhandle and in the west in Florida.
The same messages were rolling in, in North Carolina and Ohio which were supposed to be the firewall states against Trump.

Pennsylvania was the next red alert for while the networks were fudging numbers to try to keep other states voting for Clinton, the Keystone was moving toward Trump too.

Wisconsin phoned in and stated they would save it for Hamrod and be the firewall, but a few moments later the Republican Senator Johnson downed challenger Russ Feingold, and the handwriting was on the wall that Hillary Clinton had lost the election even in stealing it.

The networks did not help in this as they kept  the states from Minnesota to Michigan active in stating those 5 could give Hamrod the Presidency, but the numbers kept rolling in hard, and even with stuffed ballot boxes around midnight Hillary Clinton knew she had been defeated in a landslide.

It was at that point that R. Emmet Terrell's sources provide an inside glimpse to the story, in that is when Hillary Clinton simply lost it. She was slamming furniture, throwing things, and had to be restrained by her big Black bodyman doctor from going after Robbie Mook and John Podesta who were not accepting the type of grovelling blame that Hamrod's ego demanded.

Mrs. Clinton had been drinking in her fury, and it was in this period that Podesta, Mook and the entire staff left the scorched earth in taking no more abuse from her rants. The person who remained was Huma Abedin.

It was in this that the breach in communications took place that night as Podesta was beside himself and had fled. Mook and the staff had been dismissed. They were not about to expose themselves again to that assault. Thinking that Hillary Clinton would be reasonable in the morning, they began implementing the original plan to deploy the lawyers to implement the "fight it out" in the stolen districts in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, which the media were in on, in not calling their "firewalls" for Mr. Trump. This was to be fought out as this blog predicted until December, when the Electoral College would finish off the Clinton fraud.
Not one of the staff was privy to what would come next, as they were operating on the designed plan, as John Podesta began making his way to the podium to tell Clinton drones to go home as Hillary Clinton was not going to appear.
Literally a drunk, out of control, red eyed maniac was not something Podesta was going to let America see in a concession speech that Mrs. Clinton might collapse at, so Podesta ran the gauntlet.

Sometime after Podesta appeared, two phone calls were received by Bill Clinton. The DNC was furious over the Clinton staff blowing this and the now scorched earth campaign that Podesta had just announced. Bill was with his female assistant and recognized a problem was building in the DNC was not going into full support mode and a reach out appeared in second phone call  from Donald Trump campaign offering a way out to allow the Clintons to not be destroyed by what Podesta and Mook were now initiating, if Mrs. Clinton conceded.

It was during this half hour that Podesta was on his haj, that Bill Clinton phoned his wife, and explained the situation, that if this continued, it would ruin his legacy and any sympathy for her.

Huma by this time had calmed Mrs. Clinton down. The CIA assets at Associated Press were brought in to confirm the concession from Mrs. Clinton, who would accomplish this by phone, as she was not able to appear in public as she looked ghastly.

Huma initiated the call to Kellyanne Conway, announced what was taking place and asked for Mr. Trump to take the call of concession from Mrs. Clinton. It was short and crow eating, and it ate on the old girl

Ed Klein then provided information as popping pills, Mrs. Clinton was up early.

She only slept a few hours and again went berserk in phoning up a friend, babbling, blubbering uncontrollably so she could not be understood, blaming James Comey and the Email investigation.
She had been popping Xanax.

After control was regained by Huma Abedin and the staff started to plot again, it was deemed necessary as the story of Mrs. Clinton's meltdowns were going to leak out, that a surprise event was orchestrated.

The event appeared in summoning one of the democratic neighbor associates to pose with her child as Hillary walked her dog, looking normal,  to get out ahead of the coming stories of her emotional breakdown on Election Eve.

For the record, Hillary Clinton was not in any shape to walk anywhere. She was given a ride, the mother and daughter were summoned and this is the photo. Look at the shoes Mrs. Clinton has on. Those are not walking shoes, compared to the mother's shoes which are for hiking in the forest.

That is the election night epitaph of Hillary Clinton. The Clintons have since renigged in the Purple Revolution in wearing purple to accept the fomenting of George Soros rent a rioters. Once one sells their soul to the cartel, you do owe them for eternity, and that means being that Webb Hubbell's daughter is not going to disappear down some dark hole.

That should fill in the spots of the bits and pieces. Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oh, did I not tell Hillary Clinton to fire John Podesta and Robbie Mook for mismanaging her condition and her campaign to an epic defeat when she had time yet to save herself?

Yes the popular girl did.