Sunday, November 13, 2016

Space Squeeze meets Tidal Wave Crests

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I was looking at that big ass moon in the sky being so close and mentioned to TL last night if it was going to trigger some big earthquakes, and on schedule it has.

REUTERS: Tsunami hits New Zealand after series of strong quakes... Developing...
MAP: 7.8 MAG...
PAPER: Chaos in Christchurch...

6.2-magnitude quake shakes northwestern Argentina...

I return all of this  to what I posted here earlier this year in there appears to be something "out there" which is compressing space. I have not inquired on this lately, but from my observations to the huge gashes being ripped in the sun, space is not a vacuum in the least, but is a fluidity, which compresses and pulls in waves, like a raging current in a river pulling at things, when large objects disrupt it's "space".

The earth has become more volcanic, and earthquakes are trending in scope to the large scale. I recall now that this object when I inquired a few years ago was coming in below the earth, and that is where this current quake activity is centered.
What is of interest in this, is big quakes cause sympathetic quakes across the globe, as the shock moves through the magma in the core to an area directly opposite. In this case, Argentina and New Zealand were not a day apart, so that points to the earth being wrenched from below by these stellar forces.

It is a point that when pressure is released in other areas, pressure builds or resistance lessens so cause another quake, which the window ill be open for several days on this big ass moon.

I have not inquired as stated, and as I do not live in a mega quake zone it is not that much of interest to me.........not betting on this, but there is a generation pattern centered on Belize at this point in the 8 range. The chatter is ....there are several waves building, one in Canada, but it was waved off.

Am more interested in the scientific study of this in what is out there in how it affects space, and how that compressed space affects  the sun and the earth.

Those Kiwi abandoned America under Ronald Reagan in nuclear resistance to the Soviet Union........I ain't forgot that yet either.

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