Friday, November 18, 2016

That Intrarace Jew War about President Donald Trump

Jason Miller, a senior adviser to President-elect Trump, was also seen at Trump Tower on Wednesday

Favorite Donald Trump Jew

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Time for Lame Cherry Concentrate as anyone with a Hawaiian shirt is a millionaire right?

You have noticed that President Donald Trump has been having problems, Jew problems or anti Semite problems against his people. You know like Steve Bannon from Breitbart and then there is that George Soros and his rent a terrorists, and then there is the NBA owned by Jews.

Ok so you know the problems, and how Jews like Allan Derschowitz are vouching for Steve Bannon as you can tell a war is going on, but no one is telling you who they the popular girl is stuck doing the paly by play again as no one will tell you what is the deal.
Throw in Jew Rupert Murdoch and you get a flash drive in what this expands let us expand this some more.

Ok so you know daughter Trump, the lovely Ivanka, is married to an Ashkenaz by the name of Kushner or something. Ok so the son in law's heritage are the in Lehman Brothers.
The Kushners are ........ they rent rats, rat space for a monthly paycheck of around 5 to 8 million. They do a good business in having people who do not own their own homes.

Where was I?

Not so fave anti Trump terror Jew

Oh yeah, see back in the day, you had Baron Meyer or Rothschild in Germany. He interbred really well with his Ashkenaz kindred, and pretty soon had financial houses in Germany, England and France.......the empires.
They liked America to be a cash cow, and that is what the Civil War was about. They bribed traitors like JP Morgan and JD Rockefeller, and brought in their own bag men like Loeb, Lehman and Bush fam.

Enough of this family stuff, as it koshers down to a New York Ashkenaz Jew named Jacob Schiff who did  the flex against the Rothschilds in a Jew war over the Russian Jew wanted it one way and one Jew wanted it another way, and the Schiff Jew got Russia his way to profit and control.

Now back to the kiss and swallow.

Just so one understands these Jews are not Biblical Jews, but of the same lineage as Russians and Slavs out of Asia. So they are not Semite or children of Shem, but of Japheth.

Enough of the genetics as this ain't no science class.

So what you are witnessing now is one mafia of Jews who are commies, that overthrew Hitlers's Socialists who set up the entire network when they were imported in Operation Paperclip, against another mafia of Jews who are lower rung on the ladder, but moving on up in backing Donald Trump.

See this little Jew war has the Schiffs and Rothschilds having looted America and Europe, trying to start world war with Russia via image Obama. Now we have part of the Schiffs and Kushners at interace war with the competitor Jews, who are trying to save themselves from investigations, prisons and being exposed.

This is what we are viewing in the Molotov Mob Media, other Ashkenaz Jew monopolies in America and Europe, all throwing down on President Trump.

Rumor has it that the high lords are moving two Christian Presidents of Russia and America to assist in the building of that 3rd Temple. We shall see how it all covers with the diversions.

Lovely that President Trump has his own Jews, Russian Jews too. Better and Jewier than like Mark Levin who is all mouth and not the ball sack collector like Boris Ephteyn. I judge him my favorite Jew.

Lame Cherry's favorite Donald Trump Jew

This is really a great thing honestly, better than baseball cards, although you don't get no bubblegum. I mean each of us can pick out our favorite Jew and or not so favorite commie terror Jew. Kind of like chess really, have like NBA pawn Jews on the Soros queenie side, and then you got the Crusader Jews on the Christian side.

The only thing missing in this is a hot Jew chic. No Rachel Maddow or Baroness Rothschild does not count as a hot Jew chic. Ivanka Trump converted to Jew chic and we love her, but that is sort of fudging it.......yeah that creepy bitch who sucks breast milk blood and feeds it to John Podesta qualifies as a creepy Jew chic on the Soros side of the board, but we don't have any candy on our side of the board.
For some reason all hot Jew chics are kept hidden away. Some kind of Jew law probably....put the ugly Jew chics on the street to pimp and keep the good looking Jew chics where only the NSA can take pictures of them.

Until then, this is what the potential Jewess should aspire to be.

What a potential favorite Jewess for Trump should aspire to be.

So now you have peek behind the curtain in all the riots and smears. It is these converts fighting over President Donald Trump.

Maybe something else is going on.

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