Friday, November 18, 2016

The Papist

papist - definition of papist by The Free Dictionary

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I was asked in an email about Ann Barnhardt, in the reader appreciated what she said, but had red flags going off about that Catholic side for Ms. Barnhardt, and asked what I thought.

I know that there are Catholic faithful, who are going to appear before Christ and explain why they were signing off on all of those Vatican things. I know that there are also Papists.

I know Papists in burning Joan of Arc at the stake. I know about Papists hunting Christians like Martin Luther. I know about Papists approaching the Kaiser to be Rome's military arm to enforce another Holy Roman Empire and I know Papists who in these Jesuits created upheaval in Latin America, and America is now facing religicide in all these tan skin Catholics with the Muslim invaders for the genocide of America.

I know most Catholics get upset about things pointed out. I know Matt Walsh makes excuses for that Pater Pope in his apostasy. I know when push comes to shove that Catholics follow their Padre and when the shoving is done, history has revealed that Sean Hannity refers to Catholics and Christians, and that the Vatican still teaches all Protestants are heretics, going to hell, and it is open season on Protestants I know Papists who cover up images of Jesus for Obama at Georgetown and invite baby killer Obama to Notre Dame to speak, that when all the shoving is done, if Papists get the power, those who are not Catholics are going to die, just as certain as Muslims will butcher the Christians, because that is what is going on with every Padre in a Cathedral as much as every Imam in a Mosque.

You let a Papist get into power and they will have the state murder you legal.

It is all going to even out though as the Pater Pope is going to install the anti Christ, who will turn on Rome and butcher the Catholic faithful, while the Papists drink wine over the executions in celebration.

I was raised with Catholics, and was a minority in learning to get along with them, in a day when such things did matter a great deal, as they had their own schools, religion and clans. They are some of my most trusted friends and neighbors, because they are friends and neighbors and not Papists.

We live in a world of change though. The Protestant is being exterminated in America and around the world. What comes of the Whore of Babylon time in the Vatican drunk with the blood of martyrs? What comes of the time when every Priest has been schooled like the Muslim Imam that the Protestant is an animal class to be exterminated?
What comes of a time when Papists are only loyal to a Pater Pope teaching sodomy and abandoning Christ, and Jesus is void in their though process?

America is a Christian Nation, not a Catholic, not a Muslim and not a Judeo Christian. America is a Protestant Christian Nation as that is who founded her at Plymouth and Jamestown.

My Lord sits on a throne at the right hand of the Father as the only begotten Son of God, not on oracle hill in the Vatican. The Papist and those who worship and reverence the 'holy father' blaspheme that Name, for Christ teaches we have only one Father, and that is God in Heaven.

No I do not trust Papists as piles of dead Christians prove that point.