Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Mind Fuck

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Everyone by now has heard of Hillary Clinton's private and public positions. The ones she suckers money from billionaires and the one she f*cks poor people over for the rich people.

In the Wikileaks is an email which shows how Hillary Clinton and her operatives do not give a damn about anything they are telling the public, and how a message is crafted. In the following,  we find out that the prison vote, is not about criminals voting, but is code in Hillary Clinton saying, "Hey Niggers, all your bros are in prison and my saying the prisoners should vote, is a vote for Coon Town".
It sort of sounds really shitty when it is translated, but here is a series of the biggest names in the Clinton campaign with Hillary Clinton fucking with the public's mind.

It all begins with the coordinating phone call.

Hi all – HRC would like to have a call with you today. Please let me know if 11:00am will NOT work for you.
Marisa McAuliffe
Office of Hillary Rodham Clinton
646-647-2742 (o) 813-480-9370 (c)

 You remember her uncle, the Governor who gave the 500,000 bribe to the FBI's number 2 man in the Clinton Emailgate criminal cover up, so his wife could run for Congress.

Her list includes Marisa McAuliffe, a niece of Clinton family friend Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia governor and former Democratic National Committee chairman who has been one of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s strongest backers and is stumping for her now. Marisa McAuliffe earns about $76,300 a year as Clinton’s director of operation services after a previous stint as a policy planning aide at her State Department. She also worked on the 2008 Obama campaign and inauguration and her uncle’s campaign and at the Democratic National Convention Committee. 

 Then there is Jim Margolis, one of the duo propagandist tricksters  with Joel

Margolis is a longtime political adviser to Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) and has worked on the campaigns of many Senate Democrats. His firm, GMMB, is a prominent Democratic media firm and one of the few with a production, creative and media-buying staff large enough to handle a campaign on the scale of the one Clinton is likely to build.

On Thursday, April 9, 2015, Margolis, Jim > wrote: I am suppose to film Gen Powell til 11:30 so noon would work  

Then there is Mandy Grunwald, daddy was CIA Time head honcho, but you remember Mandy, she originated the public and private scam message that Hamrod churned out to Wall Street.

Top adviser on Clinton Wall Street speeches: 'It's pretty bad ...

Mandy Grunwald, an adviser to Clinton's current White House bid, offered a particularly frank assessment on Jan. 23 after seeing the text of three ...

On Apr 9, 2015, at 6:19 PM,
Mandy Grunwald > wrote:

I thought what HRC was looking for was a sixty second-ish billboard of these four fights before she goes into detail about them. What did others think? Mandy Grunwald Grunwald Communications 202 973-9400

This gem in from Dan Schwerin. He is the guy who takes the mind fuck and puts a little lube on it, so liberals sell their soul to the devil and like it.

Has Hillary Clinton Finally Found Her Voice? -

Hillary Clinton works with Dan Schwerin, director of speechwriting, on a few last-minute changes to her speech before declaring victory in the Democratic ...

Subject: Re: Rough first crack Here’s an attempt at merging the home base with the four fights, a little fleshed out. I think Joel is onto something with making her second bullet into God-given potential, but would give it more of the family/community/social fabric flavor she talked about.  

This is the work of John Anzalone. Think of him as the Mind Fucker. Is this pollsters job to craft the FU so the public thinks rape is consensual.
You will notice in this that Hillary Clinton's tactics are to target 22 states who are "obstacles"  and stripping away their rights.

John Anzalone Bio - Montgomery Alabama news.

JOHN ANZALONE is president of Anzalone Liszt Research, Inc., a nationally recognized public opinion polling firm consulting for candidate and issue campaigns, as well ...

Subject: Re: Rough first crack Good stuff and not sure you saw my previous emails, but I do thing the pre-school stuff works really well in the God-giving potential/community bucket. The incarceration stuff seems a bit out of place. Since we are talking about community and family I wonder if we should add gay marriage. On voting rights, I think we have to do more than modernizing. This is about stripping away the obstacles the Govs and legislatures in 22 states have enacted. — John Anzalone

And finally we return to the lube of it all, revealing that the angle Hillary Clinton is focused on, in Niggers are all in prison and their only value is to con a vote out of them.

Agree on pre-school and toughening voting bullet. My pitch for prison reform is that it’s about race, is good for progressives, and really does get to the social fabric issue she was getting at.
 That is who a message is crafted to manipulate, in this case people who believe in God and Blacks, without giving a damn about any of the people.