Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Neo Jeb Bush: Constitution Gutter


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The last time Jeb Bush appeared after an election loss, was to John McCain, and his genius was to tell Republicans we all had to be just like Obama.

Yes that advice disaster destroyed Jeb.

Now Neo Jeb has reappeared with a GOPliter journal post in Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal in which Jeb pouts, and then reveals that we need to open the United States Constitution and gut it, rewrite it and trust these traitors to do something right when any court in 1776 would have hung the lot of them.

But here’s something we shouldn’t forget: This election was more about voting against something than voting for something. Americans voted against the “establishment,” against the country’s changing culture, against a dysfunctional Washington, against the privileged, against Hillary Clinton—and, yes, against Donald Trump.
For the GOP to build on its victory, Republicans have to recognize that we’re still in a divided country—which incidentally gave Mrs. Clinton roughly two million more votes than Mr. Trump. Republicans need to do more than oppose things. We have to be for a few big ideas and show that we can put them into action.

Yes Jeb Bush vouches for vote fraud, in his Mexican and Muslim invaders pushed around 6 million illegal votes, but that is what Jeb focuses on..........representing New York and California criminals, not Americans.

The Lame Cherry would like to address Jeb Bush with the sentiments of all Americans from the left and the right, and probably George W. Bush and Jorge Bush, whose legacies and futures have been destroyed by the idiocy of Jeb Bush.

Dear Jeb Bush, go away. Go far away. Go so far away, that you have to see the last place on earth to see your jumping off place at oblivion. Take with you the crumbs of the #NeverTrump in all of your racism, bigotry and hatred of Americans, which includes Bill Kristol, Eric Erickson, Jonah Goldberg and all of this other whoredom, as Americans do not want anything to do with you now, tomorrow or 1000 years from today.
Go away Jeb Bush and stay away. 

Of face the reality that Americans would relish a Justice Department investigation into the crimes of the Bush family, as much as your joined at the hip Clinton crime family.

No one cares for you Jeb Bush, and no one wants your attempt to appear relevant. For the sake of your son, Jorge, shut up and go away, so that perhaps some day he might have a chance at winning the White House that you failed at while wasting 100 million dollars while living in luxury hotels.

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