Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Good Pick Mr. President in Elaine Chao


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I agree with Elaine Chao as Transportation Secretary if she will reform things in deregulating things like propane cylinders and HAZMAT shipping idiocy for gun powders for reloading.

Doubting that will be accomplished this American Enterprise Institute babe, is a good bribe to get Mitch McConnell off his ass to do Donald Trump's bidding. Who knows maybe Mitch will lock olde John McCain and Lindsey Graham in the gay locker room, until President Trump prosecutes them for dealing with ISIS.

So let us just be honest in this in Indian Haley was a bribe to give the Lt. Governor of South Carolina the Governorship as he was an early Trump supporter, and I am all for that.............and Elaine Chao's appointment is to transport Mitch McConnell's manhood or gayhood to the Trump agenda which Americans voted for.

See the Lame Cherry does not mind GOPliters getting positions as long as we get something for it. Mitt Romney screws us all over and we get nothing. Elaine Chao gets Mitch in the game, and hopefully someone will light a fire under her to reform all this chit too......maybe audit where all that Obama stimulus disappeared to and throw those criminals in jail.

I still demand our Christian Conservatives in all the remaining slots, starting with Secretary of State.

PS NOTE: Say Mr. President, Sean Hannity had on today some Iraqi American Christian who covers Christian genocide in the Mideast..........how about tapping her for this bullshit invader "community based initiatives" and have her shut it all down, except for Christian re entry and demand the billions in payments back from Catholic, Lutheran and Jew charities who handled the human traffic for Obama.

Ok Nuff Said, as it seems numbers of people are using the popular girl sign off, as everyone wants to be popular like me.