Monday, November 7, 2016

The Obama / Clinton Genocide of the South

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This blog takes a number of paths to produce posts of interest, and this one is not so unique, as they are all Inspired, but it comes from TL's sister, who is in the Look Out Mountain region of the multi state region of Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.
This post is not about her, but about in looking at Google maps and being reminded of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War fought in that region. Most of us forget or do not live next to major battle areas where thousands of Americans were killed and wounded. It would be sobering for all of us, to have to drive by places where the blood of America was spilled to fight for American Federalism and Republicanism.

I could name names as in Cemetery Ridge, Mission Ridge, Shiloh, the Orchard, Look Out Mountain, and our minds would remember the names, but not the places or the battles around Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was looking at these battles that I am moved to share the story of an American, a greater General than William Tecumseh Sherman of the Union, and he was the best the Union produced. I state that about Patrick Cleburn, because he faced General Sherman twice and General Sherman did not win.

Patrick Ronanye Cleburne was one of only two Generals in the Civil War who was born outside of the United States. His birth was in Ireland in County Cork and served in the Welsh Regiment of the British Army.
Mr. Cleburne failed entrance into a medical college, so he immigrated to Arkansas in America, where he rose to prominence as an Attorney at Law. When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted as a private. He was elected Captain, and then after seizure of the federal armory at Little Rock was elected Colonel and then when Yell's Rifles became the 15th Arkansas in the Confederate Army, he was commissioned Brigadier General.

This quote on General Cleburne and his men explains a great deal:

During the campaigns of 1863 in Tennessee, Cleburne and his soldiers fought at the Battle of Chickamauga. At the Battle of Wauhatchie near Chattanooga they conducted a rare night assault. They successfully resisted a much larger Union force under Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman on the northern end of Missionary Ridge during the Battle of Missionary Ridge, and Joseph Hooker at the Battle of Ringgold Gap in northern Georgia, in which Cleburne's men again protected the Army of Tennessee as it retreated to Tunnel Hill, Georgia. Cleburne and his troops received an official Thanks from the Confederate Congress for their actions during this campaign

General Cleburne had not only strategic sense in battle, but he could anticpate his adversary. Against General Hooker, Cleburne anticipated his smaller force in repelling a feeler movement by General Hooker, moved his center line to his flanks, and when General Hooker appeared feeling for weakness again, he was met with such force that he retired from the field.

In assessing the battle prowess of Southern Generals, I have concluded that if General Stonewall Jackson had survived and if President Jefferson Davis had not passed over General Cleburne in the defense of Atlanta, these Stonewalls of the East and West would have defeated the Union in making them sue for peace led by the Copperheads of the North.

What cause President Davis to pass over Cleburne was Cleburne's strategic move to neutralize Abraham Lincoln's abolitionism, by drafting every Slave into the Confederate Army. In one minute, the Confederate Army would have doubled in size, and removed the entire reason for the Northern invasion of the South. This would have crippled the entire Union cause as the reason would have vanished.

General Cleburne was like General Jackson in many ways, as all the Southern Generals were deeply Patriotic and intelligent. He is quoted often and his most telling are his prophetical utterances:

Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.
 General Patrick Cleburne

What is of most interest is God's Love for this fine man of the South, for he had been deployed again to lead the fight in Tennessee and on the day before the battle was to rage, he was walking through St. Johns Church cemetery and noted how absolutely peaceful and beautiful this place was and told those with him:

"it is almost worth dying for to be buried in such a beautiful place."

The prayer of the General was heard, as it is quoted often:

"If this cause that is so dear to my heart is doomed to fail, I pray heaven may let me fall with it, while my face is toward the enemy and my arm battling for that which I know to be right." 

This prayer of the Major General was indeed heard and answered, and at the Battle of Franklin he was killed and buried in the place he admired. Do not overlook the CAUSE which General Cleburne spoke of was not anything to do with slavery, but about the rights of the Republic to never be violated, for the General was going to arm the Negro and emancipate them before Abraham Lincoln would unleash them as spoils of war.

I post this because Patrick Cleburne is a  typical American, and one who has for some reason been passed over, because the reasons were he fell out of favor with the South in his brilliant gambit to destroy Lincoln abolitionism politically and he was on the losing side, in being the Wilderness General of the West, while the Eastern Generals loomed large in the Confederate press.

General Cleburne though can not be lost, as his prophetic words have come true. In the Obama regime, and in what would await all Americans in the Obama 3rd term in this disgusting digging up of Confederate Officers, changing names of American heroes from Mt. McKinley in Alaska to Jefferson David highways in the South, will only be amplified where America will be a ghoul society in no Southerner will be safe any more than any Republican, as the Clinton gravediggers will be digging up Jefferson Davis next and be shovel ready for Ronald Reagan after.

All of us must unite and not allow this attack upon America to continue or America will cease. The most remarkable General of the Civil War in Major General Cleburne, who espoused the political plan to neutralize the Lincoln War and twice stalemated the great William Tecumseh Sherman is truly a remarkable American to emulate and honor.

We are still all in this together in the 21st century and as certainly as Benjamin Franklin stated that we either hang together or they will hang us separately. For either we win this together against the Clinton oligarchs or they will be writing our epitaphs in the Obama diatribes will be written in all of our obituaries in how lazy Americans are and how utterly contemptible Americans are.

Let us not allow General Patrick Cleburne to be forgotten or desecrated. Let us not all this to happen to any American ever.