Monday, November 7, 2016

The Trump Administration of 1973

Seaborg, Nixon, Groves, Bush, and Conant, ca. 1969-1970

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I was going to ask you do to do some math, but it would be easier just to do your homework.

2016 - 1973 = 43

The math in the above problem is 43, as in 43 years.

In 1973 President Richard Nixon, seeing that the Rockefellers had tied the US Dollar to OPEC oil, which had set off the first cataclysmic robbery of American buying power, called for a Manhattan Project in making America energy self sufficient, and free from OPEC and the cartel.

Richard Nixon: Address to the Nation About Policies To Deal ...

... in what was known as the Manhattan Project. ... achieve the conservation of energy for which the President had asked and to ... Richard Nixon: "Address to the ...

Hmmm, just thinking in a Manhattan Project to make America energy efficient and free from Obama 20 trillion in debt to the oligarchs..........and the next year, CIA operatives led by E. Howard Hunt, started a series of crimes to be caught, which began with the Watergate coup.

Odd how people always idealize John Kennedy for being assassinated for noble things in standing up against the globalists, and for some reason no one ever links the correlation between President Nixon saying, "Let's break the Rothschild Rockefeller enslavement on America", and just like that the shadowlands is running an operation against President Nixon.

43 years.

Think about that in President Richard Nixon tried to save America from what Obama and Clinton have enslaved America to in dying for Muslim wars, being Muslim terror fodder, and war with Vladimir Putin.

Where would America now be, with clean coal, natural gas, 200 years of oil production and nuclear energy. (You remember John McCain's nuclear energy promise of more power plants, and Birther Obama promised the same thing.........and America started not one new power plant.)

America would have not just the Trump Tower, but the Twin Towers. There would not be West Nile, Nuclear Islam, Two Gulf Wars and an Islamic terror invasion.

That is what President Richard Nixon tried to save America from, Clinton Incorporated and Obama Syndicated.

The reality is what Richard Nixon began is what President Donald Trump is about to complete, in taking back America, taking back American jobs, taking back American money and taking back the American Dream.

Donald Trump's energy policy is what will resurrect America. It is the last chance America has.

An America First Energy Plan | Donald J Trump for President

An America First Energy Plan. ... North Dakota shows how energy exploration creates shared prosperity. ... Donald J. Trump Formal Policy Address on Energy.

The way they overthrew America was deflating the dollar and inflating oil. Donald Trump is going to deflate energy and inflate the buying power of your dollars in real jobs with real incomes. The way you take back America is voting Donald Trump in a landslide, and initiating the Nixon Manhattan Project for energy.

It is time to take back the Presidency this global mafia stole from America in 1973 and put your President, Donald Trump, back into the White House.