Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Passing Over Of November 5th

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My children we are about to cross the threshold this November 8th and our world will change. Each of you have been tried for years with a false messiah, betrayed by those you trusted in leadership, and now with this election, your mark for Life will mark you.

I do not use the term threshold lightly, for you are Christ's Church, and you will move to a new beginning, no matter the outcome of this election, you have made your decision in coming out of the world, in not being part of the evil, but you have chosen the Good in accepting Donald Trump as your choice.

Choosing is what this is all about. Choice is an action, and it is a convenant. You have chosen God's Way and not satans. You have heard the first call of, "Come out of her My People", and you have responded to the Spirit of God.

I ask you to remember how this all began. A man named Abram, moved to make Covenant with God and ratified by the Holy Ghost passing through the blood of the bull and the ram, sacrificed as an offering to this threhshold which Abram would pass to become Abraham.

This Marriage affirmed in the Exodus, when Moses led the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt, and Christ passing over, those children, who became a part of the meal, the Passover and were saved from death.

This Testament affirmed again in the Last Supper, as Christ, broke the bread in dividing it in symbol of His body, offered up on the cross, and took wine and gave it to them as His blood, ratifying the New Covenant which can never be broken, for it is the Covenant of Eternal Life.

This Communion with Christ, is done every time in remembering what Christ did, and Whose each of you are.

You are a Royal Priesthood, who has been oppressed and act like street whores. There is no more of that. You will walk worthy of the vocation you are called.

This Friday night, before the election, after sundown, you will decide for the Sabbath a remembrance of all of the above, and now your story in it. It will not make any difference if it is you by yourself, or those with you, who have taken part, but you will take crackers and wine that you have, bless them in the Name of God holding them up before Him, and commune with Christ in remembering His deliverance in calling out Abraham, as you have been called out. Leaving the world in exodus from evil, as the children of Israel followed Moses, and confess Christ's sacrfice and resurrection in your being His, and then you will recite before your Lord, all that God has done through you and God has accomplished in bringing Donald Trump to this time, and pray God's hand to deliver America by His servant, Donald Trump.

Not since George Washington, not since Abraham Lincoln, has such a time been in America as now. You are part of this in God's working and for this you were born.

I will profess the above and do the above this Friday evening, in confession of all that has been, since I was moved to be an instrument in this for the Hand of the Lord.

None of us are of this world. Ours is the Kingdom of God by Christ. We do what is right for the Glory of God and in this passing over of America, we acknowledge God as our Lord and His workings for His Will to be accomplished and no one elses.

This election we pass over the threshold to the final High Day. It is not public the day, the hour or the year, but no matter the election result, we pass on as every thing has changed from this point on. We are Christian Soldiers in the Word of God. Donald Trump the implement of the Hand of the Lord as each of us are the same tools for that which God crafts.

We acknowledge God for we are in the world, but not part of the world. We know the God Who delivered Abraham, delivered by Moses, delivered by Christ, is the God Who delivers us now.
Before the physical deliverance of the Holy People out of Egypt a Covenant meal was eaten. Before the Spiritual devlerance of the Holy People out of this world, a Covenant meal was eaten by Christ. We now have our part in  this to join, for this will be the last feast we will partake of in a major event, until we eat the banquet with Christ in His return in the future.

This is what I will do. It will not be elaborate. It will be done though by choice, as an action to affirm that Christ is Lord in this in marking myself as His by remembering the thousands of years He has been for His People no matter what.

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