Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Who was spying on Hillary Clinton?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I conducted an inquiry into the matrix at the start of this Huma Abedin 650,000 Emailgate investigation into Hillary Clinton, and deemed that the story line being generated was nothing that I cared to change with the facts, so it really did not matter to me.

There is though now stories being generated about Hillary's Emails were in a file on Anthony Wiener's laptop labeled INSURANCE, as in this was his insurance against Hillary Clinton murdering him, that the issue of these emails and "innocent" Huma needs to be addressed.

First I have two questions for you to answer without being a smart ass. They are on the same subject, and they are, "Do you think Anthony Wiener is stupid? Do you think Huma Abedin is stupid?"

If you review Anthony Wiener's past, you find he was quite an intelligent person, was friends with another intelligent person in Jon Stewart and was the disciple of the most adept politician out of New York since Daniel Patrick Moyniahan, in Senator Chuck Schumer.
Schumer does not tolerate fools and for Wiener to rise to power in that sleazy political system, it shows this man knew how to play in the big leagues.

So in review, we have Wiener caught sharing dong photos in acting out. hiring an attorney, and then having more problems which all stemmed from association with Hillary Clinton, and the introduction of Huma Abedin.

Focus on this now, in you know Wiener is an insider. He has legal counsel, but no one bothers to notice something relevant in this, in those Hillary Emails, were on his laptop with Huma's connection, and sat there for some time while an investigation was being initiated.

Would an intelligent man leave that kind of information on a laptop to be found, if it was to preserve his life, or would he have made several flash drive copies and accidentally lost it in the building incinerator in the trash?

You should be getting  to the inquiry point in this, that those emails were put on that laptop to be found.

Logic can produce conclusions that Anthony Wiener handed those files over as a plea bargain with the New York FBI, who was having it's own problems with James Comey and his crooked DC office, telling New York to stand down.

Huma Abedin therefore would be telling the truth that she did not know how those emails got on her computer. Before though we all dress Huma in virginal burkha, let us ask a simply prosecutorial question that Rudy Guiliani would be asking.

Where did Anthony Wiener get those emails?

You might answer, from Huma, his wife.

Now comes the next prosecutorial question in, where did Huma Abedin get 650,000 emails?

You would probably answer, Hillary Clinton, or her personal server.

We are employing the Socrates Method now, and progress this, in why did Huma Abedin have a Hoover action in gathering up every email on the Clinton server?

She was not auditioning to be librarian, so it leads to the conclusion that she had in her possession, in her email accounts, a complete file of the Clinton emails in all their crimes and classified emails.

There is a word for that in Islam and in English, it is called espionage. Now we ask who was Huma Abedin really working for in bird dogging Hillary Clinton, so they could leverage and blackmail Mrs. Clinton in the White House.

The easy answer is Huma Abedin was working either for Muslim intelligence in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan/India. I have not inquired on that, but that is MI6 Britain or Saudi Intelligence sphere.

Now for the chunky and chewy part, who was Anthony Wiener working for?

OK, let us lay this part out, in Anthony Wiener is a bright guy, but is he schooled enough to recognize Huma Abedin's files as something that are criminal and classified, or as a Jew, does he have like all Jews a Mosaad infrastructure base in which he helps his native land out in passing along in things that would gain him political support in America, if someone were to mention to Anthony, that "Your wife gets allot of emails from Hamrod. It will have a great deal of leverage in those emails to help you out or we could help you out in problems".

Review Anthony Wiener's profile in he was successful and Huma and Hillary destroyed him. He started getting into trouble, as a cry for help. After he was not handed political office and was fired from a job, the prospects dried up, and what better way to get out of a situation, and to cause attention than to start sexting 15 year old girls.
Certainly disrupts Hamrods prospects on your wife now does it not?

Anthony Wiener is complicated in this as he is a complicated man. It all though comes down to Hillary Clinton cutting Huma Abedin to the wind though, as even Hillary Clinton is wondering what in hell Huma was doing with 650,000  emails, after Hillary told her to get rid of everything.
That spells blackmail and it spells espionage, which is quite a power play when someone is sitting in the White House, and a foreign government is pressuring Hamrod, and Hamrod must hand over US policy, along with keeping Huma on the payroll.

Anthony Wiener, was helping Mosaad as all Jews do, and helping himself. Somewhere in this he got dumped by Huma and Hillary, and as an FU, as his protection now by the FBI in cooperating, he is giving Huma her education on what Hillary Clinton really is, and Hillary Clinton is getting a big league payback for destroying Anthony Wiener's life.

As you probably missed this, as Hillary Clinton and John Podesta could not keep smearing the Russians in having Hillary's missing emails......once Hillary Clinton set that open door server up for her clients to gain access  to the US government network, every nation on the planet had a copy of Clinton's emails, because once the door is open every intelligence group comes in.

It makes sense now why Hillary Clinton got rid of Muslim daughter Huma, because she figured out that Huma should not have had those emails to begin with, and the only way Anthony Wiener obtained those emails for his associates, is through Huma collecting them.

It is why these details were not posted, because it was just better to have Huma being a Hoover and Anthony having those criminal emails to be found. It is an easier story for the public to deal with in the FBI opening a new investigation, due to the fact that everyone now knows  that Hillary Clinton's files implicating all of them as crooks are all over the internet.

You will notice none of this foreign government espionage stuff has not surfaced in this cover up as this is where it becomes the stuff that people get their heads in a noose over, and it is the stuff that makes an investigation of every Obama policy, if it was for America or because of blackmail or payoffs.

Nuff said.